How To Create The Appearance Of A Slimmer Figure: Learn The Magic & Power of Illusion Dressing!

How To Create The Appearance Of A Slimmer Figure Learn The Magic & Power of Illusion Dressing!

Do you ever fantasize what it would be like to look thinner, increase your bust size, appear taller or simply slim your tummy down? Perhaps you’re thinking  “… if only this one little adjustment could be made, I would feel so much better!” Let’s not pretend everybody has the time or money for hard workouts at the gym, a nutritionist or a personal trainer. And sometimes, we just need a quick “fix” before a big event, date, meeting, or we simply want to feel great because we deserve to! Well, Cinderella had a fairy godmother, so why shouldn’t you? 

One of the most amazing aspects of personal styling is illusion dressing. What’s that!? You ask? Illusion dressing is about tricking the perception into seeing something that’s not necessarily there. And let me tell you, when you learn to wield this power – your life can change! In this blog post, you’ll discover the hidden keys to illusion dressing and unlock the confidence, influence, and appreciation that you deserve. So, let’s get started and see how you can apply effective illusion dressing to slim, enhance, and amplify your assets!

Decide What You Want 

Do you want to create more shape, minimize shape, eliminate bulk? Most women desire minimizing bulk in key feminine areas like the hips, stomach or thighs. Do you want to appear taller, or maybe shorter? Decide which area of the body you want to create the illusion for. This allows you to navigate your full image towards the specific and desired result.

Create A Slimmer Figure

If what you want is a slimmer or leaner figure, your key is to create vertical lines. Vertical lines allow you to bring any additional and unwanted “bulk” inward and distract the eye from any extra weight. This causes the rest of the image to be drawn inwards, creating the appearance of a sleek or slim figure. Remember, you can also add vertical lines to specific and exact areas that you are looking to slim. The key is to use clothing that draws the eye down and up, and brings the silhouette in.

Vertical lines can be created with prints like stripes or patterns. You can also achieve vertical lines with straight vertical cuts on a garment, or opt for a skirt, dress, or pants with vertical textures. 

Another option is to create a vertical line by wearing one unified darker color, so that light is absorbed and not reflected. Use a darker color to your advantage by leveraging it to hide any widths or bumps around the body. If you are uncomfortable in one dark uniform color, you can always add a pop of brightness with a necklace, colorful pumps, hair accessories, or a bold lip. A seamless panel of color can also be created with layers. For example, keep the bottoms and a jacket dark, but add a light shirt. 

Don’t Forget the Neckline!

Wearing a V-neck, a long necklace, or simply buttoning your jacket is a great way to reduce the width of the upper shoulders or the bust. A V-neck creates an upward downward movement for the eye, minimizing width and giving the effect of a slimmer upper body. 

Play With Proportions

Playing with proportions is a trick that enables your limbs (ie. your legs and your arms) to appear longer than they are, creating the illusion of height. Some options include wearing high waisted pants or skirts. A high waisted bottom brings the eye upwards to the waist line. The effect? An illusion of longer legs and a slimmer figure appears because the brain thinks that the waist is where the legs begin. 

Another proportion trick is to cuff hemlines. Consider rolling your jeans or cuffing your sleeves to show the ankles and wrists off. The mind assumes that where the hemline ends – the limb ends. 

Last, but not least, opt for nude heels. A nude pump with cuffed jeans will trick the eye to believe that the foot, and therefore the leg, is longer creating a taller and leaner looking figure. 

Want to Slim a Specific Area? Stay Away From…

  • Horizontal stripes, which will draw the eye to an illusion of width.
  • Bright colors or prints, which also attract the eye. Brighter colors work if you want to highlight your best feature and bring the eyes to it. 
  • Stay clear of swoop necklines, which draw the eye across the body and create a horizontal line.
  • Avoid a mid rise or a low rise waist. 
  • Colored shoes with a visible ankle will cut the eye off, creating the impression of shorter limbs.

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