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As entrepreneurs, we all have our business resolutions for 2021. The things we’d like to accomplish to make our businesses shine brighter and be more productive. So, we’d like to offer you a novel idea to start your year off slightly differently. Instead of focusing on change, let’s find and repair the gaps! 

Even If You Don’t Notice, You Do Have Gaps 

We all have gaps. Each business out there operates like a constructor. We weave and bond each business endeavor, service, product, and involvement together as securely as possible, but if you look closely, you’ll see at least a few gaps and cracks. 

For entrepreneurs, these gaps and cracks in our business operations mean that clients’ complaints, needs, and wants are greatly influenced by external factors that get leaked away. The lack of information often means that we miss the mark to deliver highly personalized experiences to clients. It certainly makes it all but impossible to evolve our businesses alongside consumer demands and expectations if our gap is that we don’t know the factors involved, right? 

So, it’s time to put change aside for a moment and focus on some internal repairs to fill these gaps with helpful info and better serve our clients in the most meaningful way possible. 

Find And Fill Your Gaps 

Disconnects between clients and providers are most often informational and communicative as the source. In other words, there’s a lack of communication about expectations, needs, and the best delivery to that highly personalized experience the consumer demands. 

The world has shifted gears in the face of COVID-19, and the communication gap has never been wider. Masks hide non-verbals. Needs are unprecedented. Demand is digestible against risk versus reward. There are just so many factors, and we have no idea what the status quo is today. 

One thing remains certain, though. Businesses must prioritize customer service and satisfaction. To deliver personalized models, we must be knowledgeable and fluid enough to adjust and adapt right alongside the consumer. How? 

1. Network 

Information is gold, and one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to get it is to get involved with professional peers, industry experts, professional industry organizations, etc. This is the inside track to consumer and industry news that could significantly impact your best practices and deliverables. 

Of course, involvement also bolsters your brand reputation in an environment where consumers are more skeptical and uncertain than ever. Fill that consumer trust gap by becoming part of the industry community. 

2. Enhancing Your Skills And Delivery 

Again, COVID-19 has caused businesses across the board to do new things in new ways. 

If your business was a face-to-face model, then you might not have had the resources and knowledge to take your business online or had no idea where to start with a webinar. Maybe, you’ve always outsourced a particular service within your deliverables that’s no longer able to be outsourced, and you now are faced with shutting down or folding that service into your in-house delivery. 

In any case, now is the time to continue your education and learning so that you can be more self-sufficient against any limitation to getting your deliverable into your client’s hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

With the above said, the crisis isn’t the only reason to expand your skills and knowledge. The internet has created brands of authority, meaning the consumer now has immediate and unlimited access to vet businesses against one another for the best value. The more you offer value, accolades, and personalization, the more likely you are to be the winner. 

3. Quality Verses Variety 

The viscosity of what you offer the consumer must be the perfect mix of quality and variety. This is where the knowledge and skill additions also help you understand what your clients expect, what’s important to them, and how best to deliver on their needs. 

Remember that this facet isn’t just about your tangible deliverable. It’s also about how you deliver that deliverable. 

Statistics show that most consumers go online to seek, vet, and contact their providers. So, it’s important to be optimized to meet the demand of mobile, PC, phone, and other contact arenas – variety. But, it’s equally important that the consumer knows that the quality won’t differentiate their choice in that they’ll get a prompt and secure response no matter how they make contact, pay, or receive what they’ve purchased. 

In closing, we hope this has helped you identify the critical gaps you need to get repaired to traverse 2021 alongside your existing and prospective clients smoothly. Don’t wait until tiny gaps become gigantic canyons to act. Start networking, enhancing your learning and skills, and providing equal parts variety and quality to your clients today. 



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