Dream Closet Part One: The Awakening

Designing your closet and wardrobe

Today is the day you open your eyes to your closet’s malfunction. See it’s potential! Make the life-changing decision that it will function as an asset, not a spiraling debt with literal and metaphorical price tags hanging over your head. 

How much time do you spend aimlessly looking at your clothes like they’re written in a foreign language? How many pieces do you try on before making a final decision? Are you even happy and confident when you make the final selection? 

Women and men alike often spend hours sifting through their collection of clothing to get dressed. All this effort, time, and frustration adds up daily. The result? 

You’re left feeling more and more unsure, unhappy, and uncertain about what you’re wearing, right? Only now, you’ve just added piles of reject clothing to be rehung and refolded to your to-do list, which further acts as a time and energy leech. 

No more! It’s time for The Awakening to hit your closet and mindset about it. 

Get Woke About Your Wardrobe Problems 

By now, everyone is woke to the fact that your look is crucial to how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. It’s an intricate part of your image that must be properly cultivated season-after-season. 

The problem between knowing this and applying it to your look rests in your closet, though. Are you giving yourself the ideal environment to fulfill your best image? 

The bottom line is that you should be able to look into that environment, your closet, and see nothing but potential, motivation, and empowerment. Over the next four weeks we will show you how to remove all the frustrations and barricades you’ve been dealing with so that you can make getting dressed as easy and productive as possible. 

Realizing that there’s a problem and making the commitment to awaken your closet’s potential from its restful slumber is the first step. Only then can you proceed to The Purge, The Revamp, and The Expansion steps. 

Completing The Awakening 

To complete The Awakening and move on to the next step, you’ll need to go through two admissions: 

1) Give your lifestyle a mission statement so that your closet’s problems become transparent. You now have a standard to compare your closet’s contents. If something doesn’t align with and support your objectives in life, then admit to yourself that such a hinderance can’t be part of your mission. 

2) Examine your contents with a truthful eye. How much doesn’t physically fit, isn’t a complementary color, is antiquated to your style, lacks purpose or usefulness? Admit that such content is taking up valuable physical, mental, and emotional space in your life. 

Moving On To Step Two 

This first step is all about opening your eyes to the fact that your closet environment has a problem. Once you recognize the negative impact it’s having on living your best life, you’ll see moving onward to step two is a must. 

Next week, we will show you how to purge the problems you’ve isolated.  



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