Dream Closet Part Four: The Expansion

You’ve awoken, purged, and revamped your closet in the first three parts of our dream closet series. It’s beyond time for some fun, right? So, how about a little retail therapy to soothe all the soreness of lifting up your closet to the next level? 

Every Expansion Needs Architecture

Before you pull out your wallet for a shopping trip to fill the gaps in your stellar new closet, we need to discuss avoiding rebuilding the same building you just tore down. 

The last thing you want is to recreate the same problems you just solved in steps one through three. 

Here’s the architectural plan in one sentence: Dress for the body and purpose you have today, not the body and purpose you may or may not have in the future.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to thoroughly understand the methodology behind building a wardrobe that’s functional, affordable, and inspiring. How? 

There’s an innovative system out there that’s specifically designed to help you accomplish all three keys to YOUR best wardrobe. It’s a universal system that can be applied to anyone. Yet, the application is completely personalized to you, your goals, your body, your image. What is it? 

It’s called the 4X4 wardrobe System TM, and it’s going to completely change the ease in which you use and benefits in which you see in relation to the contents of your closet. 

The 4×4 Fashion Palette (formula) is based on Science Mixed with Art. The science is The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 seasons) ®. The art is within the key pieces created in leading to a new application for Fashion & Makeup. 

It sounds complex, but the entire premise is to simplify the complexity that is fashion. 

So, what is this amazing system that your closet is naked without? 

Meet The 4×4 Fashion Formula 

The 4X4 capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential clothing items. These items never go out of fashion or experience the ebb and flow of trends. 

The capsule contains key items like skirts, trousers, and jackets. Each item can be augmented alongside seasonal pieces to make it appropriate for any day of the year, any occasion, and user-intent and purpose. Dress it up. Dress it down. Use color as your secret weapon. 

The ByFERIAL 4X4 collection typically involves selecting one or two core colors, which go with anything black, white, brown, grey, or navy. 

Items such as suits pant/skirt handbags or coats would be bought in shades of those selected colors, which enables them to coordinate with everything else in your wardrobe. 

After choosing the core colors, choose one or two accent or basic colors, which are brighter than the core colors, and co-ordinate with each other in the 4X4 color swatch. These would typically be used for items such as tops, dresses, accessories, and make-up. 

Many dressers underestimate the power of color in their wardrobes. The 4×4 system helps you understand and use that power to your ultimate advantage. How?  

• Neutral colors – works with any garment and never goes out of style. 

Basic colors – while the core of the wardrobe isn’t based off these colors because of their ebb and flow within fashion trends, they offer pops of pizazz and interest to dress, makeup, and accessories. 

• Core colors – the core of your wardrobe that you establish for suits, skirts, and pants.

• Accent colors – these inject uniqueness and brightness to outfits when used in very small doses and with strategic placement, such as a single top or accessory. 

Universal colors: medium color temps that are universally suited to people of most any complexion. 

The beauty of the system is that it can be applied to any and all closets for a totally personalized look. Once you’ve established a color scheme, all your wardrobe items become complementary and interchangeable. That’s a powerful ally in donning your best look quickly, easily, and cost effectively

Ready, Set, Shop Away 

Armed with the right knowledge and system, your shopping trips will always add value to your closet. 

No worries if you don’t feel confident to use the color system on your own just yet. 

Allow one of our Certified Stylists and Image consultants to help. This free service includes selecting 16 key pieces to best fit your lifestyle, personality, color, body, and budget. Hit the contact button now to put the final touches on the closet transformation you’ve been working so hard to achieve.



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