Choosing the Right Shoes Part 2 – Shoe Quality

Most often the highest indicator of the quality of the shoe is the price; though price alone is not a sure sign.? Pick the shoe up and examine it closely.? There are indicators that go beyond the brand and the fit for you to consider.? Even brand names occasionally miss the mark.? Check the shoe for:


Make sure, if you are buying a shoe that looks to be leather that it is not a man made material simulation.? You want the entire shoe to be leather rather than just the upper.? Leather soles stay cooler because they breathe while they add more support than man made materials.? They are more durable, will last longer, and absorb polish to keep them looking great.? If you are buying shoes and you know you will wear them once or twice before tossing them, the material is not as important as the look.


Check any stitching, both top and sole; to make sure they are even and well placed.? Make sure the welt where the sole is properly stitched to the upper runs all around the shoe.? Shoes are made by machine and even under the best conditions materials can slip a little causing bad stitch lines.


Check the level of the shoes to make sure they sit flat on the floor and are of the same height.? That sounds odd until you buy a pair and find they do not match or you cannot keep your balance in them.


Make sure the heels are straight and attached well.? Feel the inside to check for nails or other protrusions that would cause problems with your feet.?


Toes should not be flat. A good shoe will have a little lift in the toe about the size of a pencil.


Once you determine the shoe is of the quality you want, slip them on and walk across the room.?? Notice every inch of your feet, and how they feel in the shoes.? Look in the foot mirror to ensure the shoe looks good on your foot.? Some people say that it is best to shop for shoes in the morning when your feet are fresh and feel good, however from our experience we recommend that you shop at the end of the day when your feet are swollen so you don?t get a shoe that is too small and if your feet already feel tired you are less likely to be tolerant of little signs the shoe may be uncomfortable after any prolonged wear.? No matter when you shop, remember that your feet are as important in comfort and look if not the most important part of your overall image it can make or break your total look.

Enjoy selecting the correct shoes style, however if you need help please know we are here for you. We have a team of Certified Consultants and they will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us TODAY!



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