Choosing The Right Shoes Part 1 – Style & Heel Type

Choosing the right heel and shoe style can be a challenge. It is hard to buy or wear heels that you just don?t care for, even if they are perfect for the situation and your overall best image. Still, when you do consider your health, appropriateness, the best look for the outfit, etc. you will find you have a much broader look that more closely defines you.

That is right; you may be missing the chance to give off the right statement by always wearing the same height in your heels or the same style of shoe. You are a multifaceted woman and you need to share that with the world. Not only will you benefit, but others will be enriched by you sharing yourself on several levels. Consider how these styles will help you to present yourself with your best foot forward.

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Sole Thickness

Usually the thicker the sole of the shoe, the more casual the style. Neither women nor men should wear a thick sole when wearing more than business casual. Only fad type shoes will occasionally appear where a higher heel has a thick sole. When you purchase these consider they will not be in fashion for long. Also consider platform shoes cause more foot injury (including broken bones) than all other shoes combined.

Shoe Soles, Thickness of Soles

Heel Height

The higher the heel, the more elongated your legs look. High heels also tend to tuck your derriere under more as you balance your body to hold your posture. Lower heels maintain a truer body appearance as they do not give an illusion of change. An added bonus for higher heels is that it gives you the appearance of thinner ankles.

?Shoe Height Style

Toe Shape

The shape of the toe should be considered beyond personal preference as it is a great technique to shape and present your intentions as well as having an affect on the overall illusion for your best image. You may want to have several shapes to help ensure you are presenting your mood and intention. Square toes are blunt and give your legs a short and heavy appearance. They are the no-nonsense look that says authority. Wide points are classic and say authority with business knowledge, self confident and able to take on responsibility as well as manage others. Thin, long points are sexy, playful, and glamorous. Rounded toes suggest friendliness and open to new ideas.

Shoe Style & Toe Shape

Heel Shape

Heel shapes come and go. The best look for your leg is actually the classic style where the heel is neither very thick nor very thin. It shows a balance that elongates the leg and makes you look thinner and taller. Often that is the look we want to present. Fads come in from time to time with very thick heels, which often exaggerate your very heavy or very thin legs and ankles. Very thin heels do much the same thing. Very heavy legs seem as if they could break the heels at any moment as well as seem difficult for balance. Very thin legs and ankles seem even more so and would look more balance with a classic heel. For most of us it is a minor choice that should be more about your own comfort and balance as well as what is fad and not worth spending large sums of money for, without consideration that you may want to toss them at the end of the season.


Vamp is the front opening of the shoe where your foot slides in. It is either open or closed. Closed means there is room for your foot to slide in without your foot showing. Open means the top of your foot shows and from there it is a sliding scale between a mule where the vamp is fairly high and almost closed to low where you can almost see the cracks between the toes. Low vamps give the appearance of longer legs.

In order to put your best foot forward we have shared with you some of the elements needed however selecting the correct style is part one, part two is to know and find the right shoes style for you. Next week we will be sharing with you part two ?Shopping for Quality Shoes?.

Enjoy selecting the correct shoes style, however if you need help please know we are here for you. We have a team of Certified Consultants and they will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us TODAY!



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