Celebrating the Beautiful Shades of Brown as the Color of the Month

Girl wearing brown jacket smiling with fall brown leaves all around her.

Brown is the new black.
                                        Vogue France

In recent decades, brown has been unfairly labeled dull and uninteresting. However, with the resurgence of muted, earthy shades, brown, is experiencing a revival in interior design and fashion trends. 

This shift in warmer colors is partly because we’re responding to the aftermath of the pandemic by incorporating more comforting colors into our lives. As the leaves fall from the trees and the weather turns cool, our thoughts gravitate towards warmth and gratitude. 

And that’s why November is associated with the color brown. 

A Brief History of the Color Brown

Brown HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN ART AND DESIGN for centuries, dating back to prehistoric times when early humans used natural pigments to paint cave walls. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans often used brown in murals, pottery, and other decorative items. 

The Middle Ages associated brown with piety and poverty because it was worn by monks, farmers, and peasants who couldn’t afford expensive fabrics and dyes. Yet, during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and other masters elevated the color to enhance different colors in their paintings.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Brown’s popularity rose with the introduction of Van Dyke and Prussian Brown. The vibrancy of these pigments allowed artists to create an even wider range of brown hues. 

Brown’s warm and soothing tones were favored by the Art Nouveau movement, which began in the 1890s, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who frequently incorporated brown into his design palette. 

The color’s likeability continued throughout the 20th century, with brown being a staple color in fashion, particularly in men’s suits, mid-century furniture, and 1970s Tabacco Brown Mercedez Benz’s. 

Today, there is a growing appreciation for minimalism, natural beauty, and sustainability. As we confront the pressing issue of climate change, we find ourselves drawn to the simplicity and authenticity of all things wild. 

Brown has once again become fashionable and sought after.

The Symbolism of Brown

“Brown” derives from the Old English word “brún,” which describes a range of dark and dusky colors. In general, brown is associated with a SENSE OF EARTHINESS.  Its warm, earthy tones can symbolize dependability, comfort, and feeling grounded. 

As a combination of several different colors, including orange, yellow, red, green, blue, and purple, brown can take on a variety of characteristics. Its meaning may shift depending on which of these colors is dominant.

In color psychology, BROWN IS LINKED TO LIFE, GROWTH, AND THE NATURAL WORLD, much like green. It is also associated with sincerity, reliability, honesty, and loyalty. Brown can also represent maturity and practicality. 

How to Incorporate Brown into Your Life

Pantone says, “Brown adapts and changes our perception of the colors around it in an extraordinary way. Something previously overlooked in brown has become an essential edge; brown’s ability to ground bright colors while creating sophisticated nuances is rare.”

Brown is a flexible, neutral shade that HARMONIZES WELL WITH A DIVERSE PALETTE of colors. It can evoke a feeling of warmth or coolness depending on the specific shades and tones used.

Incorporating the color brown into both your wardrobe and decor can be a breeze. For fashion, consider adding a brown touch with a comfortable sweater, stylish boots, or a fashionable scarf. 

When it comes to home decor, incorporating small accents in your living room, bedroom, or office can instantly create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. 

And don’t forget about makeup! Embrace the warm tones of brown with eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes. Whether it’s a sultry smoky eye or a subtle nude lip, brown hues can easily elevate your beauty routine. 

So, embrace all that brown has to offer in your daily style and surroundings.

The Magic of Color: Harnessing Color a Bold and Beautiful Life

The beauty and versatility of the color brown, a shade with a rich history that can evoke a wide range of emotions, from warmth and comfort to sophistication and elegance. Not only is brown a flattering hue for most skin tones, but it also offers endless possibilities for creating various silhouettes. 

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