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If you have ever been intrigued by the wardrobe of the Kate Middleton, the First Ladies or the exquisite stylings of actresses on the red carpet, you have no doubt seen the work of stylist and an image consultant. Image consultants help their clients to select the best clothing and accessories to create an ideal image. They also help to select hair stylists, fitness experts and makeup artists. By becoming a certified image consultant and fashion stylist, you will create an image that your clients will love.

Becoming an Image Consultant

What A Fashion Stylist & Image Consultants Do

Many celebrities, executives and on-air personalities hire image consultants to make over their look and style them in the best clothing to create a specific image. Image consultants help dress stars for televised events, creating a persona that matches their desired image. Barbara Walters’ personal image consultant selects her wardrobe, choosing pieces that will help her build an image of credibility, authority and respect.

Certified image consultants can also help shape public perception of their clients. The personal stylist may choose clothing that portrays a hard-driving politician as warm, friendly and a man of the people. With just a few carefully selected articles of clothing, the fashion stylist creates an image, influencing the perception of their client.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists consult with their high-profile clients, getting a sense of the looks and styles that will create the perfect image. These image consultants then shop for their clients, gracing the boutiques of New York’s Madison Avenue, or strolling through shops like Harrod’s, Selfridge and Harvey Nichols. After selecting the best pieces, image consultants pair up with makeup artists and hair stylists to create a complete look. The fashion stylist then presents their all-too-pleased client with looks that wow.

Training to Become a Certified image Consultant & A Fashion Stylist

If you have a passion for fashion, an eye for style and a desire to help transform others, a training program may be right for you. If you have no experience, a basic training course will introduce you to the industry, giving you the basic foundation you need to build a career.

For those that are established in the field, an intermediate course will help you turn your passion into a profitable business. Advanced training is the first step in becoming a master trainer and lifestyle coach. With this certification, you will learn by long-time professionals in the field who will share industry tips and insider information to help you succeed.

If you have a passion for fashion and enjoy transforming others, you will enjoy a rewarding career as a certified image consultant & a fashion stylist. Shop for your clients, selecting the latest fashions and best styles that will make your client look and feel their best.

The fashion industry is only expected to grow, with professional stylists and image consultants in high demand. A sluggish economy means that more professionals are seeking image consultants to give them the best shot at career success. Why wait hop into the wagon and start your training program today.

We are offering three steps to get you Certified and Qualified not only as an fashion Stylist but also as a Master within the image industry.

Please find below the three easy steps to get you on your way to success:

  1. Hobby – Basic Training: our Online Certified Image Consultant training is offered to those who would like to refresh, revamp or get into the image industry and have little or no knowledge. This training is a good introduction before you enroll in your face to face training. If you do decide to come back and enroll in our Intermediate training within six month of your application we are more than happy to deduct this fee.
  2. Job – Intermediate Training: Certified Professional Image Consultant is offered to those who want to take their passion to fashion into a profession. This training is a good way to start and build your team and a professional business.
  3. Business – Advance Training: Certified Master Trainer & Lifestyle Coach is offered to those participants who sat through both our Basic and Intermediate training, or at least our Certified Professional Image Consultant, proved a high quality and professional services, would like to expand and take their profession to the next level by sharing their wealth of knowledge and training others and nurturing them to succeed.

?We know what it is like to turn you passion into a profession,
if we can do it so can YOU?

Therefore we highly recommend that you start your journey today and aim for the highest level tomorrow.

If you are ready to turn your PASSION for FASHION into a PROFESSION this is your chance sign up now to guarantee your spot and avoid disappointments as our classes are run in a small group making sure a sufficient interaction with all participants. ?We have attached some additional information please review carefully and if you have any question don?t hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to contact me direct on [email protected] if I can help you in any other way.

Once again we thank you and look forward to your application and participation.



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