4 Steps To Create A Powerful Personal Brand

4 Steps To Create A Powerful Personal Brand

In the public sphere what you say, what you do, and how you look, determine if people will trust you. These aspects all stem from who you are. In essence, who you are is the building block of your personal brand. There are many very good reasons why you should create a powerful personal brand. When you have an authentic, powerful personal brand you can affect not only how others see you, but also how much business you get, how much money you make, who you work with, and the kind of impact and influence you have in the world. 


In this article, we will give you 4 fool-proof steps to creating a powerful personal brand that can change your business…and your life! Read on.


Step 1. Decide Who You Are!

Wondering how others see you and whether you can change that? In order to create a personal brand, look at the one you already have and see whether it matches who you want to be seen as. Think: who am I? How do I add value to the world? What do I believe in? What stories do people tell about me?

 It’s essential for you to jot down your strengths and desires because they will tell you who you are. This can then help you create and tell a story that is in absolute alignment with your goals and your vision, both for yourself and others. When you get clear on who you are, you can then be direct, focused, and intentional about expressing this. Essentially, until you are aware of your brand you cannot control it.*

*Source: Ian Altman in an interview with Ryan Rhoten


Step 2. Create a Signature Style

When your style fits your body and your lifestyle, combining both function and design, you can skillfully express yourself. A signature style is a look that combines your personal expression, your style, and your lifestyle to create an authentic and memorable image of who you are. To determine your signature style, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is my body shape and what are my best features?
  • How do I express myself in day-to-day life? Am I successful and busy, flirty and playful, athletic and comfortable?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I lead? Do you go to dinners and public events, attend a lot of meetings, or are you sitting in an office or on the go?
  • What do I feel good and happy in, when I wear it? Think style, cuts, patterns, colors, etc. 
  • What climate, season, and environment impact my everyday life?

From here you can decide on the clothing style, fit, proportion, texture, prints, and patterns that not only complement your body but also express your personal brand. 

Step 3. Leave a Social Footprint

Whether you have a simple Zoom account, Gmail, Yelp, Slack, or LinkedIn, or you’ve invested time in larger content profiles like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc., you have a significant opportunity to manage the narrative around who you are and what you do. Self-presentation allows you to build a specific persona using your social media outlets. In fact, we see celebrities do this all the time. Whether they’re posting fitness gear and nutrition tips, pictures of their family and friends, or glamorous outfits from awards ceremonies, they are controlling their image, how the public relates to them, and also which brands they want to work with. Your personal brand enables you to create content, in order to engage with your audience on your terms. Moreover, everything from your image in a Zoom meeting, your email signature links, and your LinkedIn picture reflects your core value system. Your values are what people will come to know you by. Dress, speak, act, and post accordingly!


Step 4. Maintain Consistency, Frequency, & Visibility


Content creation is a huge aspect of creating a personal brand. When you engage with a broader audience online, colleagues, partners, and clients, you build your reputation by what you communicate – both visually and verbally! Posting content consistently and frequently gives your personal brand visibility, all the while allowing you to tell a story that reflects your values and your vision for the world. Once people get a good idea of what you stand for they can then choose to follow and get behind this vision. More importantly, if you are already a master at what you do, you have the perfect landing dock for launching a personal brand. Content can then be used to amplify and navigate who you already are! Learn more about paving a path to mastery HERE.

Ask Yourself: What do I look like when I show up in media like videos and images? Am I portraying an accurate representation of who I am with my words and images?


Ready to Leave a Legacy

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