3 Keys to Planning a Stress-Free Wardrobe You’ll Love!

With Spring in full swing, many of us are undergoing the daunting task of Spring cleaning…in our wardrobe! The motto really is, “out with the old, and in with the new .” Whenever I start decluttering my wardrobe, I ask two very simple questions: “Does this item bring me joy?And “Do I wear it?

If one or both of these questions is a “No”, off the item goes to the thrift shop or donation bin. Nonetheless, even though planning your wardrobe requires letting go of items in order to make room for things that you’re actually going to wear, the next often overwhelming task is creating a new wardrobe, one that’s right for you. Thankfully, the tips I’m about to give you in this article will help you create a wardrobe you will not only love – but actually put to good use!

So, let’s get into it!


1. Evaluate Your Environment and Lifestyle


Your climate, career, and past-time activities all play a role in how you dress. The most important thing is to have a wardrobe that is functional. This means that you have clothes that allow you to go about your day-to-day activities feeling great. Consider how many seasonal and daily wardrobe changes you actually need. Essentially, the goal here is to build a core wardrobe, where you only swap out a few items every season. Decide how much of your time you spend socially, professionally, working out, going to events, etc., and select items that work around your lifestyle.


Action Step: Create a framework of basic clothing items that fit your lifestyle and dress them up or down depending on what you’re up to!


2. What’s Your Body Shape?


This is so important, I can’t stress this enough. If you learn your body shape, you can use it as a guidepost to select current or new clothing items that enhance your best features and disguise the aspects of your appearance you’re not fond of. This is such a game-changer in terms of feeling more confident, sex appeal, and power as a woman. The rule of thumb in body shape dressing is that the eyes love to see things that are balanced. This means that you have to learn to offset body parts based on their size. When your silhouette appears balanced, your outfit and form will be perceived as visually pleasing.


Action Step: Discover which body shape category (rectangle, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, apple) your bust, waist, and hip measurements fit into. Consider which of your body parts are most out of balance with the rest of your body. 


3. Know Your Fashion Style


We’ve discussed signature style before. Ultimately, a signature style is you. It is your brand and dictates how the world comes to interact with who you are. While your style can always change based on your environment and lifestyle, when you know who you are, you develop power. Fashion can then enhance this. For inspiration consider these signature style categories: artsy, bohemian, casual, chic, classic, eclectic, feminine, flamboyant, glamorous, grunge, minimalist, preppy, provocative, romantic, sophisticated, sporty, tomboy, and vintage. The goal here is to develop a theme, not a container. It’s always possible to incorporate different aspects of these style categories together (such as sneakers with a skirt!)


Action Step: Consider celebrities or public figures who inspire you and see which category their style fits in. Is their style theme something that already fits in or could fit into your wardrobe?


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