Your Weight Could Limit Your Clothing Choices

Designers make most of their clothing to fit a size 6. The average size woman is 12/14Shopping?is enjoyable?but many people avoid it because there is nothing cute and trendy in larger sizes. It is true that most fashion designers make most of their clothing to fit a size 6 as a standard. But modern designers now manufacture larger sizes because women are not the typical model size anymore. The average dress size is now a size 12/14. Do you feel that your size and weight limit your choices for stylish clothing? A few tips on fashion and style can make the difference in how you look. Knowing how to dress to appear longer and leaner can give you a polished look without needing to buy a new wardrobe.

Disguise Problem Areas

If you are small on the top and larger on the bottom, wear solid and darker colors on the lower partIf you are smaller on the top and larger on the bottom, wear pants and skirts in darker colors. Wear solid colors on areas you want to minimize, busy patterns or big flowers draw attention rather than detract from it. A properly fitted pair of slacks with a modest pair of heels will create the illusion of longer legs making you appear taller and thinner.

Choose Clothing in the Right Size

Choose tops and pants that fir, well and compliment your body shape. Not too tight and not too loose.Many people attempt to hide the fact that they have gained weight by wearing baggy clothing or outfits that are too small. This?does not hide anything and can actually make you look bigger than you are. Choose tops and pants that fit, not too tight and not too lose. Try on several different styles until you find something that looks good on you.

Avoid Stripes and Bold Colors

Dark colors are slimming on top and on the bottom. Choose neutral colors in navy, brown, grey and black. Layer tops for a look that is casual and covers a flabby tummy. An open sweater or jacket over a sleeveless blouse with a pair of black slacks is appropriate for work or a casual evening out. Use lighter colors for accents and accessories but avoid strong colors that would attract the eye to problem areas.


SPANXNew shapewear such as Spanx and similar products are made to wear under clothing to flatten your tummy and lift your behind.

In the area of fashion and style, it does not matter what size you are or how much you weigh, it is how good you look. A well put together outfit can make you appear 10 pounds lighter and much more confident in your appearance.

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