Women’s Fashion or Style – Which Is the Most Important? Fashion And Style Guide

Your image is your personal brand

When it comes down to it, you might initially believe fashion and style are all in the same. This is not the case in the least, and although the two do go hand and hand with one another, fashion and style mean two different things. A person has style, but a person does not have fashion. Fashion is basically the kind of clothing someone wears, while style is the way someone wears the clothing. When it comes down to it, usually when one person has style they also have fashion sense also, and when someone whereas something that is the modern fashion, they also have style. However, when it gets down to it, fashion is probably most important.

Is your style attracting or Detracting

Although anyone can have style, they might not have the right style for the right circumstance. Someone you know might have great style when it comes to rocking out a tank top, shorts and a perfect set of flats. However, this style isn’t always going to work in the business world, and if they don’t have the right style sense for this kind of clothing, it really is for not. Being able to wear the appropriate fashion, what is popular at the time and what is essential for a specific business meeting or date, is far more important than having a particular style.?

Fashion can be bought but style must be earned

Of course, it isn’t far-fetched to have both fashion and style at the same time, which is why the two are so closely related. Fashion can be picked up as it is as simple as following the latest trends in the fashion world; what is currently hot, what is being worn currently and what is in the latest fashion magazines. However, style is more of something that is internally wired inside someone. You can’t just copy style. Style is a kind of swagger that you pick up when wearing clothing or how to wear the particular kind of clothing. You might wear the same kind of fashion clothing as someone else, but if they know how to style it properly, it just, for whatever reason (one of which you probably can’t put your finger on it) is going to look better on them. It is all about finding your own particular style and going with it. Everyone has some sort of style, which they can use with the current fashion that is out there, making it their own.?

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