Winter Fashion Trends

Winter is one of the best seasons to explore and have some fun with fashion and dressing up for going outdoors? the colder it is means more layers, more clothes and more accessories! Winter is so much easier to get creative and change up your sense of style because there is so much more choice. It?s the FINAL week of winter for 2016, so here are some winter fashion trends and tips to look your best for this last week of winter!

Let?s get started with the first and most essential item to add to a wardrobe: the ?Statement Coat?. This item can be added to almost any outfit combination.. dresses.. jeans.. gowns.. Having a neutral coat (black, grey, white, maybe even brown) means you can pair it with almost anything, but it just adds depth and strength to your outfit! These coats could be floor length, just below the hips, or at any length which suits you best.. just make sure it makes a STATEMENT!

Moving onto footwear… No outfit is complete without the perfect set of shoes.. and in winter boots are the most beloved kind. There are so many different kinds of boots, but you can never go wrong with a set of ankle length, or knee length ankle boots, which can go with almost ANYTHING. Black boots just below the knee are coming back into style, paired with a set of denim jeans, or a dress just above the knees (60?s style).

And last but not least.. a scarf! Putting a coloured scarf with any outfit can instantly brighten up your look by adding a splash of colour. If you are wearing a coat and a low cut top, a scarf is the perfect way to complete the outfit balance out the combination. Neutral coloured scarfes also go well with outfits that already provide enough colour.

With these winter items, go and finish off winter with a bang!



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