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We all have our stable pieces of clothing that we feel safe and comfortable wearing. It’s your solid polo shirt, little black dress, or neutral-colored suit. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having those go-to pieces in your closet, you’re doing your career and personal life a serious disservice if that’s the only component of your wardrobe.

The Power Of Your Reflection

Falling into the rut of your wardrobe being a one-trick pony sends an unflattering message to onlookers and distorts your own perception of yourself. It insinuates that you’re unimaginative, afraid of risk and change, and just downright boring. Whether you’re seeking a new job, promotion, or relationship, none of these are messages that work in your favor. In fact, it’s likely whittling down your self-esteem with every wear.

So, how do you feel great about the reflection you see? You add some pizzazz and creativity to your wardrobe. No, you don’t have to throw out your go-to neutral and solid comfort pieces, but you do need to add the spice of rich and vibrant color, attractive patterns, and bold prints so that you can pack a huge fashion punch when and where it’s needed.

It’s Not So Complicated To Add Pizzazz To Your Wardrobe

Many people make the mistake of assuming fashion is too complicated, difficult, or tedious to keep up with on a regular basis, but it’s actually the pivoting, diverse, and constantly evolving nature of modern fashion that makes it easier than ever for anyone to find a flavor that matches with their unique tastes and needs. It’s inclusive to all without being one-style-fits-all.

A quick glance at modern fashion trends across the seasons demonstrates that designers are moving further and further away from the safety of bland and the cookie-cutter expectations of yesterday’s minimalist chic consumer. Today is all about distinctive and eye-catching patterns, designs, and colors.

The variety and individualism in today’s fashion market means that you always have articles of clothing to match your occasion, personality, mood, agenda, and goals without sacrificing your comfort in wearing it. And, let’s be clear that congruency from inside out is essential to being your most confident, truest self.

It’s the simple concept of congruency breeding success – to feel the part, you have to look the part. If you feel smart and commanding, then look smart and commanding. If you feel playful and flashy, then look playful and flashy. If you feel edgy and bold, then look edgy and bold.

Fashion designers and coordinators are helping people of all ‘feels’ look their parts. Whether you think it’s polka dots, flowers, paisley, motifs, or stripes that represent you on any given day, you’ll find that matching the right design with the right fit and color will completely change how you view getting dressed each day.

Instead of looking in the mirror to find that your bland and ill-fitted clothing is serving to hide your best physical and internal assets and stifle your ability to succeed, you’ll find your best assets reflecting back at you loud and clear to motivate and confirm whatever is on your agenda for the day.

Selecting The Ideal Patterns, Colors, and Prints

Stylistic selection boils down to two central questions concerning influence:

1. What message do you want to send?

2. How subtly/obviously do you want to send that message?

Answers will vary based on each day’s goals, audience, and intent, but having these answers each day is what empowers your wardrobe to be a key, not hindrance, to your successes. So, consider each day’s objectives and mood carefully so that you can select a print, pattern, color, and decibel to match.

Coordinate Design Choices With Body Flattery

Now, it’s time to focus on four factors that make the design and pattern tailored to your unique body:

1. Scale – the pattern should be sized, or scaled, to compliment your body scale.

2. Cut – the way the clothing is proportioned, or fitted, against how your body is made. Choosing the wrong fit is a major reason that outfits go astray. Curvy women, for example, shouldn’t wear boxy, flat, boy, and straight cuts that don’t accommodate the curvatures of their figure.

3. Fabric – fabric selection should always be a consideration because it influences the cut of the clothing, how true the clothing stays to form, and how it drapes/hugs your body.

4. Color – keep 80 percent of your wardrobe’s colors in your color wheelhouse. The other 20 percent can be colors outside your range or opposite in undertone. Be careful with patterns adding warmth to cool patterns; it makes the pattern interesting, but it still needs to be correct for your features.

Use Your Personality As The Final
You’ve checked aesthetics and matched it to your body. Now, it’s time to ensure your selections harmonize with your general personality. Nothing makes a piece of clothing look worse than when it simply isn’t aligned with who you are on an organic level. It’s a sure way to appear awkward and forced, which is never a good look.

Patterns like florals and paisley in soft fabrics match the more whimsical and romantic personalities. Meanwhile, more outgoing and creative personalities can easily accommodate bolder abstract and geometrical patterns.

Take Advantage Of My Free Consultation Today

For quick and easy results, apply the above tips to your wardrobe. You’ll immediately see the difference in your reflection and perception. If you have any questions or need more detailed guidance, contact me today to schedule a personal style consultation or take advantage of my free 30 minute initial consultation.



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