How to Wear Any Color and Look Fabulously Beautiful

Too many people in the fashion industry are quick to tell others what they can and can’t wear based on current trends and a variety of other factors. This advice often leaves individuals feeling insecure about their sense of taste and style, but fashion is not about conforming to certain standards at the expense of your individuality. My goal is to set the record straight on this issue because everyone has the right to look fabulously beautiful in a way that makes sense to them. Although we all want to look our best, you can do so without giving up your creativity in the process.

Before we move forward, it’s important for you to understand that certain rules exist for a reason, and keeping these guidelines in mind will give you a foundation from which to work. For example, the same colors that you might pick for one occasion might not fit well with the next. Once you know why some colors go together better than others, you can break the rules and still look fabulously beautiful. You might want to experiment to find the best match, but these tips will work wonders for any colors that you wish to wear.

When it comes to unflattering colors, keep them away from your face and off your shoulders. A scarf or necklace of the proper color can be placed in between your face and the wrong color to reduce the contrast. Also, the surface of anything that you wear will play a role in its ability to highlight your naturally stunning features, so you should focus on items that have a decent shine.

As far as fashion is concerned, people believe that the clothes they wear will make or break their style, but that is only a myth. In the end, making any color combination work for you comes down to being comfortable in your skin. From top to bottom, your smile is always the winning piece of the puzzle that holds everything else together.

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