The Universal 4 X 4 Color Analysis System – 16 Seasons

The Essential Element of Fashion

There is something that all the art forms have in common. More specifically, color is an essential ingredient in manifesting a unique and original style. Therefore, the fashion world has become a prime mover when it comes to decorating and utilizing color in an interesting way. In addition, the ByFERIAL Image Consultant team has revolutionized the color analysis system for fashion throughout the world. Moreover, ByFERIAL Image Consultant has spent many years developing a high-quality technique that combines professional research with the richness and systematic application of color.

Professional Color Analysis

Style Is More Than Material; It Is About What You See

The way that the color system works is dependent on the four groups or seasons as we refer to them in today’s language. For each group/season of the year, a corresponding and highly productive color system should be put into place.

A Color Spectrum For the 16 Groups/Seasons

Color Anaylsis WheelFirst, in the fall you have darker hues that lean more towards the brown and red colors, which represent a more fiery approach to fashion. In particular, you should see more reds and violets in the autumn (warm & Deep Group), season. Second, in the winter (Cool & Deep Group), you should see a mixture of dark and light colors in true contrast with one another.?

Winter is also about manifesting cooler blue hues and tones together. Third, spring (warm & Light Group) is about warm and light shades that are displayed by yellows and orange tones, which signify happiness and joy. Fourth, in the summer (Cool & Light Group), you will see the application of cool and light colors in the green and light blue family. Shades of green and aqua blue are perfect for the summer season for men and women. In addition, this color system can be applied to clothes, makeup, and all types of accessories.

Covering All The Colors of The Spectrum

The biggest breakthrough for ByFERIAL Image Consulting Firm was the 4X4 Color Analysis system. In short, this system applies to all types of human skin tones. Furthermore, the four groups/seasons system is still used here, but there are an additional four separate categories that are used as a customized extension from these four groups based on Munsell System.

Understanding The Meaning of The Four Categories For Each Group/Season

The four new categories correspond to each season of the year. For all four seasons, you have categories that are broken down to sub-categories of pure, tint, tone and shade. Each category is specifically and carefully applied to each passing season, which represents a wide range of colors, diversity and a variety of skin tones. For example, by analyzing spring, you will see the spark of life in all its ripened fashion. Therefore, spring is a time of rejoicing and lifting up the spirit. What this means exactly is that the warmth and lightness of the season will be set against a backdrop of pure colors, tinted hues as well as shades and tones of yellow.

Spicing Up Your Wardrobe With New Information On How To Style Your Outfits For Each Passing Season

For each of the four new categories, you will have an endless palette of tones, shades, variety, and diversity to explore within your wardrobe. These vibrant modes of color will correspond to your emotions and attitude with every passing season. In this sense, you can choose to be as subtle or obvious with your wardrobe as you desire. This has been one of the major breakthroughs in the fashion industry over the last decade. Follow these patterns and you will see a drastic change in your style.

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