Tips On How To Use Your Make Up On Your Daily Routine

Outfits Tips

You might be one of the many women who want to achieve a very stylish and fashionable appearance but is uncertain on how to achieve the look. A nice outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you need to copy the current fashion trends. You could wear all of the fashionable clothes and still make it your own. One of the most famous trends for women lately is the 60’s coat with skinny jeans and the great part this outfit is that you can make it your own by adding accessories or glasses.

Makeup Tips

You might also be one of many women who has the tendency to overdo the makeup, or even wear to little.? Makeup is supposed to cover all of the imperfections, and putting too much isn’t healthy for your skin. Protecting your skin is the most important part before putting on all of the chemicals that comes from makeup.? Protect the skin by applying a decent amount of base all over, after that, conceal your imperfections with either foundation or concealer. If you want dark lips, don’t wear thick eyeshadow. Balancing your makeup to not be too thick or too light is all you really need to learn.

Hairstyle Tips

Hairstyles don’t really need to be super extravagant, a simple bun and ponytail is perfectly fine.? Just because your hair doesn’t have to be so styled, you still need to keep it neat and clean.? A quick tip-brush your hair at least 100 strokes a day and you will see how shiny your hair will become.

Makeup For Special and Conservative Events

When at a special party or event, thick eyeshadow isn’t really recommended. So here is a short makeup tutorial that is perfect for events and parties. First, apply light colors in the center of your eyelids, like baby pink or white. Afterwards, a nice and light brown bronzer on the crease of your eyelids will be perfect for any event or party. A strong lip is better than thick eyeshadow when it comes to attending an event. Red, coral, violet, and pink, are really great colors to achieve perfectly shaped lips. Define your brows and conceal any imperfection with concealer then finish with loose powder. After your makeup is done, you will have, perfect skin, emphasized lips and a matte finish. This makeup style is perfect for any party or event.

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