Tips and Advice for Good Dinner Party Etiquette

An invitation to a dinner party is a chance to dress in your best outfit and show off your skills in etiquette. Before you attend the event, brushing up on your skills is one of the first things you should do. Reacquainting yourself with how to use the utensils is a great way to start. There are many styles of dining etiquette, but when dining in America, there are only two styles that you should concern yourself with.

Dinner Party Etiquette

Dressing yourself in accordance to how formal the dinner party will be is an important thing to think about as well. There are a good number of little tricks and tips on how to be a successful dinner party guest no matter the venue.

Styles of Etiquette and Their Differences:

If you attend a dinner party in America, there are two styles of eating that would be considered the correct way. These two styles are called American and Continental. They are so similar that there is only one difference between them. This difference being that when you are using the Continental style of etiquette, you keep your fork in your left hand at all times while you eat. When using the American style of dining etiquette, you only use your left hand for cutting up your meat.

Dinner Party Etiquette Styles

How to Dress Yourself for the Occasion:

There are many ways to dress for a dinner party, depending on the level of formality. The best way to find out how formal you should dress is to ask the host or hostess directly. This will overcome any confusion you may have. For a very formal party, it is a good idea to wear a gown for the women, and a tuxedo or suit for the men. For a more casual party, it is a good idea to dress as if you were going into an interview.

Do's and Don'ts Dinner Party Etiquette

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do: Make sure to RSVP to the dinner party as promptly as you are able to.
  • Don’t: Unless the host says it is permissible, don’t bring anyone along other than your +1
  • Do: When you arrive, step into the ladies room to straighten up your make up, or straighten up your tie, depending on your gender.
  • Don’t: When you arrive, try not to be loud and attention seeking. Instead, float about the room gracefully and try to say hello to those you know.

Following these simple tips and advice will have you the belle of the ball and the gentlemen of the night.

When you are a good guest at a dinner party, it is sure to get you invited back to future events.

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