The Secrets of Beauty

Recognizing your personal beauty will help you choose and synchronize some radical changes to enhance your appearance by having the right hair style to compliment your face shape; bringing out your best feature to look healthier and younger.

Having the right hair style to balance and enhance your face is achievable by simply understanding your face shape and structure of the face.

A good hairstylist should help you choose a style to complement and balance you?re face, not matching a picture that has a “great” haircut, that you?ve chosen from a magazine. AWIS BEAUTY will consider your own face shape and your hair attributes. Understanding that you are individual and reassessing your face shape before deciding on a hairstyle will assure to compliment your face shape and bring out the secrets of your own unique beauty.

There are nine face shapes:


Oval face shaped people are fortunate, as they can wear a variety of hairstyles. This type of face features a gently rounded hairline and jaw line it is considered the “ideal” shape because of its natural balance and proportion. As such, that you can pull-off any hairstyle with flair. Oval faces have perfect features, the only thing I would not recommend is bangs (fringes) because it covers your beautiful features; when you have them, show them

Oblong/ Rectangular

Oblong face shapes are similar to the oval, except they are longer than they are wide. Wearing a variety of hairstyles that have width and volume will compliment this face shape, a short to medium hairstyle is desired for this face shape, with some bangs (fringe) to counteract the length by creating a softness.


A square face has an equally square jaw line and hairline. With those two strong facial features, the key to harmonizing this fascinating face shape is to introduce an element of softness by creating waves and curls. Then balance the square-shaped face, with some wispy bangs, flowing layers, and angles cut around the face starting at the cheekbone, to create a unique strength and beauty. A hairstyle reaching below the shoulders is complimenting. If you prefer short hair, you can create the illusion of length by adding height at the crown.


The features of a full round face are the round hairline and chin line. The main characteristic of this face shape is that the cheeks are the widest feature; applying the illusion of length will compliment the face shape. Creating fullness and height at the crown is the best style for a round face to give the illusion of a longer face. Strait hair styles with no width or volume will resolve the problem of adding width to the sides of the cheeks.


Diamond shaped face is well known for its narrow forehead and chin, and very wide cheek line. The best way to approach this shape is to choose a hairstyle that adds width to the top and bottom, to allow the middle of the face to synchronize with the rest of the face. Volume at the cheek line should be avoided, as it will only serve to emphasize the width of the face. Wide, wispy bangs and a chin length cut can help build width where it’s most needed.


The narrow part of this face is at the temples, slightly wider at the cheeks, and widest at the jaw line. To flatter and compliment a triangular face is to create fullness at the upper part of the face, drawing attention away from the jaw line. Using lots of layers to create a full style at the top of the forehead that tapers off as it approaches the lower part of the face gives the illusion of balance.

Inverted triangular/Heart

This face shape features a wide forehead with a narrow jaw line and chin line. The key for a more flattering look is created with the illusion of making the forehead narrower and the chin wider. Adding fullness to the lower part of the face will enhance this shape. Chin length bobs are flattering, as well as wavy curls, all of which create an illusion of width at the chin. Side bangs (fringes) with hair longer than jaw line will compliment your face.

Look in the mirror, analyze your face, and go for the unique secrets of your own beauty. I went thorough enough detail above to help you achieve The Secrets of Beauty. If you are still not sure, a ByFerial certified consultant will be more than happy to synchronize some radical changes to compliment your face shape.

For more beauty solutions or a free consultation to discuss your issues and concerns please call ByFerial Certified Consultant near you or email us



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