The Power of Your Body Language in Online Media

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Positive body language creates connection and trust between you and your clients.

How you communicate with your body is imperative, as 55% of communication is non-verbal. Body language subconsciously conveys genuine emotions and is a powerful tool that affects your business success. 

When crafting an impactful online presence, MASTERING YOUR BODY LANGUAGE IS ESSENTIAL for reaching your business goals and forming meaningful connections with your audience!

Here’s how to upgrade your virtual communication skills online. 

5 Tips to Improve Online Presence and Rapport

When you connect with someone, you hope they understand what you’re trying to say in the way you intend it. Keep in mind there are a few caveats. 

Culture affects body language in various ways. For example, different cultures have varied guidelines for how much eye contact is appropriate. In some, eye contact is seen as an aggressive or disrespectful action, whereas in Western cultures, it is considered a sign of confidence. 


1. Master Your Online Presence 

Maintaining eye contact is crucial when creating an online video or engaging in a video call. Picture the screen as the perfect platform for your presentation; it’s the only view your audience will have – so make it unforgettable! 

Position your camera at eye level, with the top of your head just below the top of the frame. The bottom of the frame should sit slightly below your armpits. This framing creates an impactful personal presence on camera and allows you to use your hands and arms as communication tools.

2. Be Mindful of Your Facial Expressions

It’s easy to disengage during a meeting if you’re not leading it. You might think you’re covering it up, but your body language will give you away. People will notice your eyes darting to other screens, and your ‘listening face’ won’t be so convincing. When they realize you’ve tuned out, they’ll wonder why you’re there in the first place! 

Multitasking is highly discouraged. Studies indicate that the brain can’t undertake two tasks simultaneously, and it can significantly lower efficiency. So if you want to be taken seriously in meetings, you have to put in the extra effort with your ‘listening face. Practice in front of the mirror if you need to, and COMMIT TO STAYING FOCUSED AND ENGAGED.

3. Uncross Your Arms

Don’t even bother telling me – I’m already well aware: You’re far more at ease with crossed arms. It’s your usual way of sitting, and it even helps you to focus your thoughts. That may be true, but in terms of nonverbal communication, it’s not the sender’s feelings that are most relevant; it’s the observer’s perception of the sender’s feelings. 

Considering potential cultural variances, crossing arms is almost always seen as a closed-off sign of resistance. Plus, since the human brain is more attuned to negative messages than positive ones, people will unconsciously search for and react to any signs that they’re in a bad mood or that something’s not quite right.​​

4. Be Yourself

Always let your personality shine through and don’t put up a front to seem more professional or confident. Doing so can come off as overly confident or even fake. Don’t be afraid to SHOW OFF THE UNIQUE ASPECTS OF YOURSELF THAT MAKE YOU WHO YOU ARE. 

Not only will it be more genuine and authentic, but your clients will appreciate it! So, smile and be yourself – it could be just what sets you apart from other candidates. As the Chinese philosopher and poet Lao Tzu once said: 

“When you are content to simply be yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”

5. Dress for Success

​​Do you want to make a great first impression during your next online meeting or for your new headshots? Your visual presence will be the first thing people see. Put in the effort to ensure your grooming and wardrobe choices communicate confidence, competence, professional status, and warmth. 

In fact, a person’s attire has been shown to convey qualities such as character, sociability, competence and intelligence. Following a few simple color theory principles will MAKE SURE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION WINS OVER NEW CLIENTS.

Get Help with the 4×4 Color System

Besides body language, CLOTHING CHOICES HAVE A MAJOR EFFECT ON SOCIAL RESPONSES and first impressions because they can convey a wide variety of complex information.

Our image and color analysis course offers a comprehensive approach that combines theoretical and practical training components with assignments that hone both your color analysis and business skills.

We are so confident that our step-by-step system will enable you to construct a successful business and a life that you love that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all training! Find out more about how you can harness the power of your image online. 



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