The Image Consultant Course

It’s time to make a living
doing what you love!

Become an image consultant to turn your passion for beauty into a successful and fulfilling business! Liberate yourself from the bondage of 9-to-5 and be your boss as a personal stylist.


The first-ever comprehensive online course teaches you how to turn your passion for beauty into a successful business AND gives you a step-by-step plan for earning a living doing the work you love.

This on-demand online workshop is an in-depth, 10-module video series (30 videos total) where I walk you through the over the next ten month to learn the ten essential skills to become a successful image consultant!

Build Your Business

Write your mission statement, prepare a marketing plan, create your pricing structure, and prepare to launch

Evaluate Personal Image

Go beyond dressing to impress with “total image” and take control of first impressions

Analyze Body Shape

Learn how to identify the six horizontal body shapes and dress clients who differ in vertical body proportions

Employ Line & Design

Discover how you can use attire with skillfully placed lines to make your clients look taller and slimmer

Organize a Wardrobe

Guide your clients through the sometimes-painful, always-necessary process of purging their wardrobe to make room for stylish new pieces

Define Personal Style

Explore the 7 personal styles and help your clients pick their style

Master Makeup

Let the beauty shine through skin and makeup in a way that complements features and enhances the uniqueness

Identify Face Shapes

Recognize the nine categories of facial shapes and recommend appropriate hairstyles, hats, glasses, and earrings

Select Colors

Discover the revolutionary 4×4 Color System and learn how to apply color theory to your clients’ skin, hair, and eyes

Know Your Role

Discover the opportunities of an image consultant, and learn the basic skills you’ll need to launch and build your successful business


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Certified 4X4 Color Consultant Training

Image Consulting Training

Certified Professional Image Consultant


Certified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Training

This is the complete Image Consultant Course that is fully accredited with AICI for 2.0 CEU's. This step-by-step, 10-module course is sure to get you on the path for success as this one comes with 10 hours of Live Training. The course concludes with a 33 question multiple choice quiz. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the ByFERIAL Certificate of Attainment and AICI Certificate.


Business Planning

Learn about building your Image Consulting business with the tips and tricks from one of the worlds leading consultants! Pricing, packaging and SWOT analysis are covered in the 3-session module.


The 4X4 Color System®

The magic and power of Color Analysis and the two cool seasons and the two warm seasons that make the 4x4 Color System. A total of 16 seasons make the 4x4 Color System and this module covers everything there is to know!


Face Shapes

Face shapes are an integral part of an Image and Style analysis, so this module covers the various face shapes and how to correctly identify each one.


Skin Care and Makeup

Perfecting makeup goes beyond application. The correct shades, tools, hygiene and skin care are some of the elements that create the perfect makeup look.


Personal Style

Discover the various types of personal style. This module covers everything from the Feminine and sexy to the elegant and classic styles.


Wardrobe Organization

Don't leave wardrobe organization to your annual spring cleaning! Learn how to declutter and organize your wardrobe and ensure your wardrobe is a true reflection of you.


Line and Design

There is an art to styling that incorporates not only the physical body, but the style, fit, proportions, fabric, textures, prints and patterns of clothing. Learn the magic and power of illusion.


Body Shapes

You know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. But did you know there are specific ways to dress and highlight certain assets of specific body shapes?


Image and Professional Dress Code

What you see is what you get! Your image and professional dress code provide the first impression to many people. Learn about the message that certain clothes give and discover the three levels of dress code.


The Role of an Image Consultant

Various opportunities are there to help you build your business and your bottom line. But do you know the critical elements to success in the business that is Image Consulting?

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ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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