The Eyes Have It | The Guide to Stylish Eyewear

Your eyesight is vital to your health and well being.? Wearing glasses is not just a style choice it is a functional piece that is as much about your personal statement as any other accessory you are wearing.? Everyone you communicate with will look into your eyes; to do that they have to look through your eye ware.? For most of us, if you wear prescription lenses you have one or possibly two pair that are worn all day, every day for all events and situations.? That means the choice you make needs to be considered from many different aspects. ?You may even choose to have few some for professional situations and the other for times when you want a softer, more feminine appearance.

How to wear stylish eyewear

Eye ware should be an extension of who you are.? You should feel great about your looks when you see them in the mirror.??? The shape should be balanced with your face shape to give you your best image, and in a color you like that works well with your skin and most of your wardrobe.

Make your statement

  • Frames or frameless your eyes demand attention and it is your choice about their message.?
  • Curved frames on your glasses give a soft feminine appearance.?
  • Large glasses with light weight rims or weightless rims allow more of you to be seen with less of a barrier between you and the rest of the world.? They are more feminine and friendlier.
  • Wear them shiny or decorative for a more youthful feminine appearance.
  • Small embellishments are another feminine look that pull the eyes up, drawing others in.
  • Dark, angular eye ware is more masculine looking, as well as, more authoritative offering a professional, no nonsense impression for business.
  • Heavy frames make you look more masculine, studious, and aggressive.
  • While the chains, beads, and strips that hang from your glasses to the back of your neck keep you from losing your glasses, they make you look old and forgetful.? The only thing that screams elderly more is having them on the half reading glasses that allow you to peer over the top.

Stylish Eyewear Features

Stylish glasses


While there are many choices in eye ware, it is often what is in style that flies off the shelves at the local optical store.? Looking up to date will keep you looking more youthful and fashionable.? If you have not changed glasses in years it may be time for a trip to the optometrist to have your eyes checked to see if your prescription has changed.? You may want to change your eye ware even if it hasn?t to update your look.

Medium eye ware is a classic size and will be in style most of the time.? Most women can wear medium sized glasses in most styles.?


The size of your face often dictates the size of the frame.? It is not just the appearance, when you put on the glasses they should fall straight back and around your ears; neither should the ears fold in nor pull out.? Often the scale of the glasses themselves will not accommodate lenses that are too large.? Smaller lenses in the frames should be passed by if your size is large as they will accentuate a large head.? A scale that matches your own will allow others to see you with the best image.?

Stylish Eyewear


The color of your glasses depends on two things.? You must have a pair that is in a color that will go with your wardrobe.? Most likely you will have to wear them with everything you own and you want them to look great with all of it.? If you have prescription eye ware you should have a pair in metal, from silver to gold or copper.? You can even choose a tortoise shell or rimless that will look great with just about everything.

If you have more than one pair choose something in a color that makes you feel great and goes with some of your wardrobe.? You will be limited in your choices; however, look for something from your palette to make your eyes pop.?

Dark rims give a mature and authoritative image, especially when coupled with heavy or angular shapes.? For an older woman they may make you look older and accentuate any wrinkles.?

Light colored frames are much more inviting with the appearance of youth and softness.



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