The 4 Key Steps To Master The Art Of Selling

Key Steps Master The Art Of Selling

The word “sales” can make many people feel a chill up their spine. The very word itself brings to mind annoying door knockers, pesky department store employees, and spam calls that simply won’t stop. To make more money in your business, you absolutely must reframe your idea of “sales.” Sales is nothing more than the art of persuasion. Learning to sell is everything in life, not just in business. In fact, we are selling people every day on our concepts, ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Whether you are trying to get your partner to try a new restaurant that just opened up, attempting to get your little one into bed, trying to impress someone you just met, or trying to get a new employee to vibe with your company culture…you’re selling! The key here is: Are you conveying your thoughts and ideas in a way that moves people to take action?


Let’s explore the 4 key steps to help you do this…and master the art of selling! Let’s go.

1. Establish Connection

Very few people will say “yes” right away. Unless they’ve already established a strong connection with you and with what you have to offer. The bottom line? Consistent connection is money. The more content you produce online, the more opportunities you have to increase your connection, and your influence. One of the keys to making a consistent connection online is to make generous offers. This seems so simple, but people actually want solutions to their problems. And more importantly, these solutions are your doorway to deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience.


Ask yourself: 

  • Am I making enough offers online?
  • Are my offers extremely generous?
  •  Am I giving more than I expect to receive?
  • Where can I increase what I’m giving? (For example: offer a free guide, 1:1 consultation, trial or other massive value with each purchase a customer makes.)


2. Look for Core Objections

Many people give up in sales right when they hear the word “No”. They don’t realize that a “No” is simply fear. Objections will tell you what is most important to your prospect. When you get clear on the core objections that your audience is having, this actually helps you prepare and implement real solutions that help others feel secure. Instead of thinking of a “No” as a personal rejection, consider it as an opportunity to give even more than you’re already giving. This is your opportunity to strengthen your connection. Determine what the most common 3 or 4 objections you hear are and make a video or personal message that addresses them! Next, bring the offer back in and position it as a solution that inspires.


Ask yourself:

  • What are the top 4 core objections people have to my product or service?
  • Can I offer them additional solutions that eliminate or minimize these concerns? (For example: offer a guarantee, tell a success story, let them know how long you’ve been in business for, create more trust by letting them know you’re certified…etc.)


3. Establish Real Solutions

Ask your prospects what their dreams are, then determine how you and your services can make those dreams come true. Mastering the art of selling means understanding what people want, and what drives them. Go through your social media channels or similar discussion forums or speak to them directly to gather information and determine what your prospect is looking for, what they’re afraid of, and their long-term goals are. From here, establish yourself as an expert. From a young age, people are conditioned to look for leaders and experts to help them solve their greatest problems.

Sales experts say that you only have 7 seconds to make a good impression. Use these 7 seconds to establish these four things: credibility, trust, status and empathy.



  • Are you an expert in your field? If not, what do you need to do (For example: more training, more education, more experience, more support …etc.) to establish yourself as a leader in your field and establish more trust with your prospects?
  • Take the next action that you need to take to establish more confidence, leadership and growth. Discover ByFerial’s Empower Group >>CLICK HERE to learn about opportunities to become a leader in your field today!


“Identify the problems you solve for each persona. 

There should be at least three or four. 

Then, find out what they are doing to solve them right now.”

 ~ Brandon Bornacin


4. Establish Certainty

A buyer makes a decision based on 3 areas: 

  1. They like the product or service.
  2. They trust you and have a connection with you personally.
  3. They trust and connect with your company.


To make the sale, a buyer absolutely must have emotional certainty in one of these three areas to make a decision, not just logical certainty. If a buyer has emotional uncertainty, they will typically respond with an objection. Remember that so much of our communication comes from the tone of our voice and body language. In fact, 93% of people judge others based on non-verbal cues. Statistics show that 55% of effective communication comes from body language, 38% from the tone of voice, and only 7% from the words that you actually say. * Remember to establish tone and body language certainty in your videos, online presentations, and in-person meetings. 


Additionally, emotional uncertainty also arises from inconsistency. Ask yourself honestly:

  • Am I inconsistent with my communication or content? If you are inconsistent with your communication, you will develop a reputation of being undependable, unpredictable, and not valuable. Just think of dating. Would you consider a long-term relationship with someone you’re dating if they only call you and check in once a month? 




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