Choosing a Stylish Handbag For Every Mood

When deciding on a stylish handbag, choose one that works magic with your shape that makes a statement.? Working the illusion of a perfect body, a perfect look, and a perfect statement of who you are all comes together when you consider each accessory and what it does.? Your handbag is a big part of that entire illusion.

Stylish Handbags for Every Mood

To appear:

  • Glamorous: For evening carry a small shiny handbag of metal, beads, sequins, etc.? Not meant to carry more than lipstick, money or credit cards and small emergency touch up kit for makeup repairs.? Shed the rest of your baggage and go out to have fun.
  • Casual:? This is a wide area and takes consideration for the situation.? If you are wearing jeans and sneakers you will want a canvas, macram?, or other fabric bag that can be easily tossed about and thrown in a wash machine.? If you are going to lunch with some old friends you may be wearing jeans with heels and want a fun bag that is medium in size and matches your shoes.? It is of a soft leather and with less structure in the shape to match your body type.
  • Professional:? Your professional life is one that requires everything you have around your body to build one statement, or several innuendos that support a general theme. The handbag that is structured, matches your suit, and has interesting textures rather than any embellishments is her best choice.?

Choose a handbag that supports the illusion you choose to better balance your body.?

To appear:

  • Thinner😕 carry a small to medium sized slim handbag.? Watch where your purse lays; when it lies across the widest part of your body it will make it appear even larger.? Let it lie from your arm pit to your waist if you have a smaller waistline.? You may also choose to carry a clutch or a bag with handles that allows the weight to drop to your knees.
  • Heavier:? carry the handbag next to the area you want to appear larger.
  • No apparent change in your body😕 carry a clutch.

Take care when matching your shoes.

They do not have to be an exact match; however, they do have to share some things in common.? They do have to match in style such as formal, professional, or casual.? They have to match or harmonize in color.

Choose a handbag that can easily fit your necessary items.

Do not use it for storage of paperwork.? Clean your purse daily.? File the papers or receipts in other places.? Organize so you will not have to dump everything out of your purse every time you need something.? It is frustrating, embarrassing and unprofessional.

Be careful with embellishments and rough textured bags as they can snag your pantyhose or finer fabrics.

Always choose your handbags with consideration to the rest of your look and how well they will get along together and harmonize for that perfectly put together look.

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