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How to use storytelling to make more sales!

Have you invested time and money into content production like webinars, emails, blogs, and videos but your sales are at a standstill? Are you frustrated after every sales pitch, because people simply aren’t buying? This marketing bottleneck is actually so common. The reason for it is that people focus on creating content that inspires and teaches, but does not sell. In today’s post, I’m going to give you a 5-step roadmap to help you stop wasting time on content that is not monetizing and help you start creating content that is an actual vessel for change and impacts people’s lives, causing them to take action. The key? Storytelling. Let me show you how it works with this fool-proof storytelling roadmap that you can use for all your content, anytime you need to sell!

1. What do you know that others don’t know?

Never, ever start any sales content without a hook. A hook is the starting point of your pitch, and it is designed to intrigue, grab attention, and of course, hook someone to keep listening. This is the actual ‘vehicle’ for the whole content because it shares a little-known secret and it promises to solve a major problem.

Example: How to Steal Celebrity Style Secrets Worth Over 100K! 

2. Now let me tell you a quick story…

In traditional sales, the salesperson shares unique selling points and teaches a prospect about all of the benefits of their product and service. Chuck this out right now because it takes more time and energy than you have, and it rarely works! Instead, what you’re going to do is something marketers call an “epiphany bridge.” An epiphany bridge is a story that gives people a realization that creates the required desire or belief that causes people to want what you have. This should be a personal story, a client story, or a story that hits close to home. To do this correctly, you have to find out the #1 false belief your prospect has about your product or service (they don’t need it, it’s too expensive, it won’t make an impact etc…). Your epiphany bridge has to kill this belief. 

3. Show Results

Don’t tell people what your product or service will do for them. Show them. Since you’re the expert on their problem, show them how other clients met their desired goals through your products and services. To do this, you need to share the client’s results, testimonials, and stories. If you don’t have any, look for research or social proof that demonstrates the success in your specific area. 

4. Break the Barriers

Make a list of all the possible barriers someone could have, preventing them from purchasing your product or service. These barriers are called related beliefs. Often, people use smaller objections that dance around their main objection. Don’t waste your precious marketing time ignoring these false beliefs. Why does your client believe they can’t build confidence? Look thinner? Make more money? Find their perfect partner? Improve their appearance? Use an icebreaker to address these. For example, 

“You’re probably thinking you need…

…a lot of money.”

…have to work out every day.”

…will have to cut out sugar.”

…need plastic surgery.”

This is a lie.

Then tell a 30-second story that contradicts and breaks this belief.

Our membership clients actually ended up achieving a slimmer appearance instantly by…

4. State the Truth

Right before you make the sales pitch, you want to restate your hook in the form of undeniable truth. You have now successfully shattered the false belief patterns that are holding people back from true transformation. Now, you want to implement the new belief that is ultimately more helpful to them.

“So, now I’ve shown you how you can…

…increase your income.”

…attract a new partner.”

…look 20 pounds thinner.”

…increase your confidence.”

5. Transition to the sale.

Now that you’ve done all the heavy lifting, the sale is a no-brainer. To lead into the sale, always ask a question to engage interest and help one get clear on the possibilities ahead for them personally. How would your life change if…? Are you excited about the possibility of…? What would you do if you had the help to…? This question should paint a very clear picture of the transformation that you’re making available for them. The next steps leading to the sale are straightforward.

1. Pain and Gain

Remind people where they are again and why they’re stuck, then spell out the transformation they can get to.

“It’s time to stop feeling insecure and unworthy because this is stopping you from making more money and meeting the right kind of people.”

2. Tell them what’s included.

Break out every tool, resource, and support system that you’re offering in your package.

“In this 6-week masterclass, we’re going to teach you every possible celebrity style hack to meet the man of your dreams…”

3. Introduce a special offer. 

This should be a limited-time opportunity that gives them a special discount or bonus.

In this last part tell people the value of the services and make them a deal!

“The total value of this series is $2,999. Because I like to help those who are ready, I’m going to give it to you for $299 if you buy it right now.”

And, voila! There you have it, folks. A road map you can use for webinars, presentations, live content, blogs, webpage videos, and even short Instagram clips. This fool-proof storytelling sales method is currently being used by some of the top digital marketers worldwide and could be the difference between you making a real impact and changing thousands of lives, and not. Why chop away blindly, producing content that doesn’t sell when you could use a real, tried, and tested method that has already been proven?

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