Social and Professional Position Dictate What to Wear. Is It True?


As much as you might like to reveal a different sense of fashion and style to your?co-workers during holiday and “after-hours” events, you should refrain from this?temptation. Cleavage and outfits that have no place in the office are also poor?choices for these functions. Long after the parties are over, the memories of these?risqu? ?pieces will remain in the minds of co-workers, and you could suffer the?consequences of these lingering images.

If you are striving to achieve career goals with the accompanying salary and social?status, your fashion and style habits should reflect the position you desire. When?searching for ideas in magazines, choose those reflecting the image you want to?project.


Understated elegance should be the ultimate goal when selecting apparel and?accessories that flatter your figure, without ?over emphasizing? its attributes. The?question to ask is, ?If I wanted to be heard and respected for my talents and abilities,?how would I present myself??

Using makeup is another area that requires a measured approach and subtle?changes. For example, if your eyeshadow and/or blush look fine by candlelight but?garish under florescent lamps, they should be adjusted for a more natural look.?Manicures and pedicures using classic nail polish shades can also add to your?elegant image.

Don?t believe that you have to spend a fortune to achieve these goals. It?s just not?true! In addition to department and specialty store sales, there are a number of?stores featuring ?gently used? designer classics. Look for items that are timeless?instead of trendy, and spend your remaining fashion and style budget on a great?tailor or seamstress. Clothes that fit well are flattering, and can instantly boost your?confidence.


When adding festive accessories, pick one focal piece instead of head-to-toe?sequins, lame`, or holiday jewelry. You don’t just want to receive compliments on a?piece of clothing or an accessory; you want to look great overall.

Once you?ve polished the ?outside,? remember that you must continue to?demonstrate your elegant persona. If you would be embarrassed to see it or hear?about it later, don?t say it or do it now!

Whether you are aware of them or not, evaluations continue at professional?functions, and by making elegant fashion and style decisions, you are indicating to?your co-workers that your sound judgment abilities continue well past ?nine to five.?

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