Slimming Secrets Of The Stylish – A Guide To Illusion Dressing

Illusion dressing is the secret weapon every woman should have, and I am not only talking breast enhancing chicken fillets or SPANX? but everything in between! Every woman has the right to look fabulous, regardless of her age, color, size, shape or budget. There is a vast array of style tricks you can utilize to look instantly slimmer and more attractive ? but illusion dressing is not only about looking slimmer it can also mean adding weight to certain areas in order to create balance.

It is not only magicians who have been using the power of illusion for many years, we Image professionals have also been using illusion to help people make-over their appearance and boost their self confidence. By learning some of the same techniques, you can feel and look instantly more attractive and boost your self esteem.

8 quick tricks to Looking good and feeling fab

  • Stand up straight! Standing well will instantly make your waistline slimmer. It also allows your clothes to sit on your body properly, which will also make you look taller and thinner ? and it doesn?t cost a thing – hurray!


  • Learn how to use color correctly. Dark colours recede and light colours advance, so if you wear dark colors on your problem areas, this will make them appear smaller. However, it is important to know what colors flatter you and make sure you wear those colors around your face. Flattering colors will make you look younger and healthier – which is exactly what we want!
  • Increase your bust size. For those of you that want to visually increase the size of your bust, to balance the rest of your body, invest in items that have frills or details around the bust line ? horizontal necklines also work wonders. This technique is great if you have larger hips as it takes the attention away from the lower part of your body and a look that is visually balanced.

  • Look for vertical lines. Vertical design lines such as princess seams in dresses, single breasted jackets worn open, or a row of buttons which draws the eye, will instantly give you a slimmer look and make you look taller
  • Avoid bulky or shiny fabrics and large patterns. Instead, choose fine to medium textured fabrics that skim over your body, rather than cling to it.
  • Wear the best quality you can afford. Clothing made of a higher quality tends to sit better on the body and therefore will make you appear slimmer.



  • Look for shoes with medium to high heels. The chunkier the shoe and more rounded the toe, the heavier you will appear. Go for shoes that show more of your foot in order to make your legs appear longer and try and avoid ankle straps ? they cut your leg off and make you look a lot shorter than you are!


  • Choose the right fit. A well fitted item of clothing will emphasize your best assets while skimming your less flattering features. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or hang like a bag over your body as it will actually make you appear larger ? and none of us want that
  • Invest in great underwear. My favorite shape shifter is SPANX ? the power panties ? however take heed ladies, you do not want your husband, boyfriend or lover to ever see you wearing these! Hollywood?s worst kept secret, the stars all swear by them even if they are a size 2 ? not only do they smooth the lines out but they can also make you go down a dress size! A few counties sadly don?t stock SPANX however you can purchase these online by visiting Also invest in some great bras, as wearing the right bra can instantly remove pounds off your waistline.

Take the time to look at the cut, color and design of your outfits and make sure they flatter you; I always say if you?re going to spend money, spend it on the right thing. Who wants to waste money on unflattering items??? Practice standing well and smiling and invest in some SPANX ? you won?t regret it. These few simple tricks will make all the difference to how you look and feel, because when you know you look good, you are going to feel great. It all starts with the decision to invest in yourself and remember you are worth it! If you would like assistance or advice, we are here to help you.

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