ShopShare TV: The Video Platform Helping Stylists Improve The Client Experience

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Pivot your stylist business from in-person consultations to virtual experiences.

Having the technology at one’s fingertips to shop has changed the game; fashion has become more democratic, and the global demand for personal stylists continues to soar. Not only that, but clients also expect more convenience.

If you’re a stylist venturing into online consultations (if you haven’t, you definitely should!), you’re probably looking for tools to enhance the client experience and streamline your business. 

ShopShare TV is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal. Let’s examine what it is and how it can improve your business. 

What is ShopShare TV? 

ShopShare TV is a SHOPPABLE VIDEO PLATFORM. Developed in 2019 by husband and wife team Emma and Joel Inteman. It lets shoppers purchase products directly after watching videos and mood boards from content creators such as bloggers, stylists, and retailers. 

ShopShare TV streamlines the collaboration between image consultants and their customers, no matter where they are. Through its interactive tools, consultants can create eye-catching mood boards, videos, and SHOPPABLE POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, allowing them to showcase their expertise and explain why particular items make great investments.

By utilizing ShopShare TV, stylists can generate custom shopcasts (video podcasts) that they can send to their customers. Moreover, they can even collect payments for this service or add bonus features to their existing packages. All of this helps you strengthen and expand your business.

ShopShare TV Features

What’s not to like about virtual styling services and shoppable marketing content? ShopShare TV has already received rave reviews, and for a good reason: 

Shoppable Mood Boards

Clients greatly appreciate the ability to envision a desired wardrobe before committing to a purchase. As stylist consultants, we understand how essential it is to communicate clearly regarding wardrobe choices. That’s why Shoppable is so great – it allows clients to purchase the exact items they see in the lookbook without you needing to compile an additional PDF document, saving you and your client time!

Branded Shopping Channels

It’s all about the customer experience! Give your clients a personalized hopping channel where they can find all your Shopcasts and Shopboards for an effortless shopping experience. This works particularly well for long-term clients who want to update their looks – they can immediately see what’s available without much hassle.

Private Client Channels

Invite your customers to experience exclusive shopping on your brand’s private channels. Surprise, excite and engage them with special curated Shopcasts and Shopboards tailored to their preferences. As it is, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when businesses offer personalized experiences. 

“A pivot is a change in strategy, without a change in vision.” – Eric Ries.

Revenue Generating Content 

Stylists who wish to expand their business can JOIN ShopShare TV’S AFFILIATE PROGRAM and incorporate their ShopShare TV content into their virtual services, marketing content, and memberships to earn commission on everything their clients purchase through products showcased.

Customized Shopping Videos

With just a few clicks, your interactive videos provide a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate shopping experience that customers love. Customers can preview, buy, and watch product tutorials without leaving the video. This engages customers and leads to an increased customer conversion rate.

How Much Does ShopShare TV Cost?

Shoppable offers three pricing tiers: 

  • Essential: For stylists who want to create fashionable looks and display them on shareable, purchasable boards can do so quickly and effortlessly. Essential costs $9.99 p/mo. 
  • Growth: For stylists who wish to personalize their content with Shoppable Video and create private client channels for sharing unlimited edits! Growth costs $29.9/mo.
  • Enterprise: You can opt for the enterprise package for greater tech customization and scalability. Contact Shoppable for a quote. 

Why Use ShopShare TV? 

While you can set up a channel on ShopShare TV and work to appeal to more viewers, this SaaS company primarily wants you to embed Shopcast videos on your website and social media platforms. 

This strategic step is essential. It can often be difficult for new social media and content platforms to persuade existing followers to transition away from what they are currently used to. But with Shoppable, you can avoid this hassle altogether.

Grow Your Business With ByFERIAL Image Training

Of course, it’s not just the tools you use but also your knowledge that helps your business grow. As a stylist or image consultant, having a detailed understanding of color theory and image analysis industry and client needs is just as important.

Deep knowledge of fashion trends, body types and how to bring out your client’s best features also drives customer satisfaction and revenue growth. 

If you want to upgrade your skills, our Level III Image Consultant Training Course, created by renowned color expert and ByFERIAL founder Ferial Youakim, is invaluable. Providing insight into building a successful image consulting business, the course is supplemented by our groundbreaking 4×4 Color System (16 Seasons)®.

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