Shine Like a Diamond: The 4 C’s of the Pageant World

Every girl deserves to shine and feel beautiful–to hold her head high and shine like the diamond she is. When you decide to compete in a pageant, you can hold your head high and know that you’ve already accomplished something that many girls never will: you’re going to stand on that stage, dressed in your best, and show everyone just how gorgeous you are.

If you want to increase your poise and stand out from the crowd more than ever before, you need to embrace the 4 C’s of image. Just like selecting a diamond, you need to focus on Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat–but what that means for you is something very different.

Color?- The color you select needs to complement your skin, hair, and eye color. At our pageant training and coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to choose the best dress color for your skin tone, hair and eye color. Choosing the right dress will help you stand out from the crowd. It will make you look younger, more vibrant, and more energetic.

Clarity?- Everything about your appearance should complement your unique personality. From the style of your dress to the way you walk, you want to set yourself apart and send the message of who you are to the judges. Are you an innocent sweetheart? A fun-loving girl with plenty of spirit? Do you have an attitude that you’d love to display to the judges? You want to show the judges exactly who you are and we can coach you to send this message.

Cut?- Every girl has her own unique assets, and you want to be sure that the cut and style of your dress flatter yours perfectly. Hide those problem areas and highlight the best of your appearance, drawing attention to all the right places. Your body shape is as unique as you are, and selecting the appropriate dress will display that to the world.

Carat?- The fabric your dress is made out of is just as important as the cut and the color. Pageants are an expensive hobby, and you might be tempted to choose a cheaper material to cut corners. The right material, however, will move with you on stage. You want to be comfortable and feel beautiful in your dress. Part of that is selecting the right weight for the material so that it will shape to your body and look wonderful whether you’re still or in motion. We have a team of expert that can work with you.

We’re proud to say that our international pageant has become one of the most reputable and recognized pageants out there. It’s been developed to showcase today’s young and established women and their accomplishments. Women around the world view this pageant as a great opportunity to work with others and become positive role models. In that spirit, we’ve created our pageant training and coaching sessions to teach each of our contestants how to shine onstage as never before. So come and join us to learn how to shine like a diamond and showcase your unique beauty.

An information session will be held on the 7th of August from 10:00am-12:00pm.?For additional information on our Beauty Pageants Training & Coaching, call us or email us today [email protected]. Booking is a must as we have limited spots available!



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