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It’s been a busy month, and we are so happy to have all our female entrepreneurs back with us to further discuss women’s power in business planning! Welcome. This week is all about marketing. You’ve learned how your mindset and passion fuel business development. Now, lets get to sharing your vision with the world! 

Wait…My Vision Isn’t Perfect Yet!!! 

Your vision is perfect in that it’s uniquely yours. It’s your IP (intellectual property,) and what becomes of it rest solely on your shoulders. 

But, if you’re waiting for it to be some standardized ideal of perfection before you market it, then you’ll never launch. Even worse, you’ll launch your marketing efforts in an inauthentic way that devalues your business. 

Fact: Not a single business plan, idea, investment, or creation has been or ever will be technically perfect. None. 

The difference in success and failure isn’t within perfection. Instead, it’s within your attention and preparation for what will inevitably be imperfect about it and your ability to either pivot or move forward based on those truths. Remember that word – truths! 

In reality, you launch your vision after developing a game plan. Just as in sports, that game plan adapts to the field and players at any given moment. In other words, your marketing plan is perfected through trial and error as you go. 

The environment of business is unstable by its very nature. The ebb and flow is out of your control and based on so many interwoven moving pieces that it’s impossible to predict. What you do control is your response – how you ride any given condition within the marketplace environment. When wrapped in truths, your ride becomes much smoother and easier to navigate. 

Take Your Best Leap

Once you develop a strategy, entrepreneurship is about leaping into a pool of your competitors with your best dive possible. The truths we mentioned above… that’s your bathing suit! 

If your idea and delivery form is great, then you’ll make a noticeable splash that’s bold and demands attention! Remember, each marketing endeavor is a brand new splash, which means you have the opportunity to watch each delivery and ensure you pivot or go stronger to become more noticeable each time. 

Market Your Intention 

Now, lets talk about your bathing suit of truths. While marketing is about selling yourself, the most important takeaway is about intention, not recognition. Focus on sharing your intention with others – what is your purpose, design, and truths? 

Again, it’s about harnessing what you can control. You control who you are, your intention, your purpose, your design. The onlooker controls how that is of value to them. When your message is clear and honest, your message automatically has an intrinsic value of authenticity and mutual respect. That’s marketing gold! 

Marketers call it value proposition. Not all onlookers will need or want what you offer, and that’s okay. With truths of intention, you’re still making a big splash by being authentic! How? 

When your value centers around your intention, not just an attempt to persuade recognition by any means possible, the onlooker is inclined to share what they see and respect with others who may need it, even if they don’t value it as a must-have for their own lifestyle. 

So, be very careful that marketing endeavors and advice doesn’t lead you to jump off the deep end of desperation and blur your vision or persuade you to present yourself as something you’re not. Always stay true to who you are, what you do, how you do it, and where and when you can help others.

Marketing Ingenuity

Your marketing course is set along a dial of being true to your vision and intent, but that doesn’t mean that the vessel bringing you on the journey can’t be changed as needed. After all, you don’t use an ocean cruise ship if you’re in a pond, right? 

Think about who and where each marketing endeavor is trying to reach, and the best tool to deliver it. 

Traditional marketing is great for small, targeted audiences, such as repeat clients and prospects who didn’t make it all the way through the sales funnel the first time. 

Yet, a broader audience can be reached and enabled with online marketing. Webinars, online consultations, social media clips, and other digital marketing avenues offer a connectivity like never before. You can show, not just tell, your value proposition, and so many consumers need that extra visual learning to make decisions in an environment where their time and resources are spread so thinly. 

Just Go For It! 

Just as the message itself will never be perfect, there’s no perfect delivery method. The only way to know what works and doesn’t is to take that leap! Combine your truths with marketing ingenuity to deliver powerful and valuable messages. 



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