Session 3: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Say No To Trends That Don’t Fit Your Personal Style

Is your closet full of fad items that never get worn? Are you tired of seeing your closet as sections of trends that leave you nothing to wear? It’s time to learn to use “no” on anything that doesn’t align with your personal style. 

Don’t Buy Into The Hype 

All too often, we find ourselves slaves to the never-ending cycle of fad fashion. We buy, buy, buy, and buy what the trends say we should, but, in most cases, the only trends we are really setting are dust bunny collections and broke wallets. 

We are bombarded with images of clothing and accessories presented in a way that makes us feel like we aren’t beautiful, stylish, or even presentable if we don’t own the latest “it” on the shelves and runways. Don’t buy into that hype! 

It’s a fallacy. It’s a scheme. It’s far from what fashion is truly designed to do for you, and it’s the last advice any reputable image consultant would ever offer you. 

Blend Your Style With The Immortal Classics 

Fashion is fluid… as it should be. It evolves as we evolve as humans with diverse lifestyles and interests. However, the contingency is always us. We define the viscosity and temperature of the fluidness of fashion. 

Reread that last sentence. Yes, you determine what’s fashionable for yourself! 

Of course, like math to horticulture, all subjects have rules to follow and best recommendations to offer for success. But, beyond those basic premises, it’s you as an individual, not a magazine, retailer, or designer, defining your personal style. You! 

Say “no thank you” to anything that isn’t a perfect fit for your body shape and size, personality, purpose, comfort, and occasion. 

Allow your personality and purpose to add all the fashionability you need to those seasonal must have pieces, and you’ll have your dream closet. Plus, you’ll look more youthful and authentic in creating a wardrobe that functions by who you are today. 

Need Help Saying Your Yes & No? 

Image consultants keep their eyes on the prize. The end goal isn’t to create an image out of thin air from the pages of fashion. Nothing would look more inauthentic and be distracting to your personal and professional brand. 

Instead, our purpose is to bring your own image out of hiding behind fashions that aren’t suited to you. A few trendy pieces may get strategically scattered to offer your look an edge, but they always align with your ideal total look. The real key is to pair personality pieces that work for you with the classic, multifunctional tools of a staple closet built around your unique figure and lifestyle. Now, that’s something to say “yes” to immediately! 



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