Session 1: Defining Your Personal Style

Do you struggle to find your best personal style? If so, it may be because you’re borrowing someone else’s look instead of using your own. No worries, though, if your look isn’t reflecting a positive image. We have a tool that will help anyone and everyone define their very own personal style. 

What Is Personal Style? 

Personal style is about dressing for your personality, purpose, fit, and lifestyle. When this happens, what you wear and how you wear it automatically becomes synonymous with your true and authentic self, which means your comfort and confidence soar. 

You consistently look better. You consistently feel better. Plus, your fashion budget becomes more manageable because you avoid spur purchases and other buyer mistakes that end up sitting in your closet unused because it belongs to a different style personality than your own. 

Of course, as human beings, we aren’t statues immortalized in time. We are fluid and evolving beings, and so must be our fashion mindset and output. Age, taste, needs, lifestyle, purpose, and fit all change with time. So, even if you’ve previously identified your ideal personal style, it’s important to periodically examine it to ensure your look remains suited to you. 

Defining Your Personal Style For Today

This exciting quiz is so much fun. You simply select the images that appeal to your sense of comfort and tastes. What can you envision yourself wearing? 

While we all have unique style personalities, fashion experts have identified certain broad categories that can be used to help you determine your own best personal style. 

Are you ready? Let’s start! 

1. The Classic Personality Style:

This image reflects a simple, credible, and sophisticated look that shows restraint from going too far modern. Think royalty and personalities like Audrey Hepburn. It’s an organized look with clean lines, natural fabrics, and classic colors. It’s a look focused on quality over high fashion. You want each addition to your closet to earn its place! 

2. The Feminine Personality Style:

Not to be confused with alluring, this romantic personality style focuses on the softness and femininity of a look. It avoids structure and hard lines. Instead, it delicately drapes and hugs to modestly reveal the icon of a woman’s shape, and it features subtle colors and prints that are gentle on the eyes. From hair and makeup to accessories, every addition is designed to frame you as a woman. 

3. The Dramatic Personality Style:

Always large and in-charge, this personality style always dresses with purpose, and it always makes a big and bold entrance. Confidence and independence ooze from the threads of defined statement pieces and choreographed looks. Strong shapes and dramatic colors match a larger than life personality with high fashion. It has to be striking and coordinate with your total look to get a place in your closet. 

4. The Natural Personality Style:

You are all about naturally feeling comfortable, friendly, and relaxed with quality clothing that’s meant to last and flatter your body type. If an article of clothing doesn’t give you those happy butterflies putting it on, then it’s out. This is an approachable, inviting look focused on simple lines and freedom to move in the fit. It’s complimented by earth tones and minimalist makeup, hair, and accessories, but it’s easily dressed up with soft silks and layering. 

5. The Creative Personality Style:

The quirky trendsetter, not the trend follower. Rules? What rules? You’re all about artistic originality and what makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself possible, even if it mixes looks and fits from all the niches of fashion. Your hands and eyes are drawn to interesting fabric prints and textures. Instead of statement pieces, you prefer your total look to be the statement. 

6. The Elegant Personality Style:

This refined and polished style is all about harmonizing with your surroundings to remain poised and dignified. It’s similar to the classic personify style, but it substitutes the formalities with with a heavier connection to fashion trends. Your focus is quality, not quantity. Your closet is a timeless treasure of vintage looks that have been slightly adapted to the times, such as with tone over tone looks and more discrete prints. 

7. The Sexy Personality Style:

It’s all about the allure. This fun, sexy look screams: “I am woman… hear me roar.” Strong colors and lines are paired with soft fabrics for a vixen image that always flatters every curve and angle. While this look usually flows with trends, the focus remains on each piece sensually aligning with the wearer’s measurements and assets. The alluring personality knows her body well, but she must be careful not to carry this look into her business hours. 

Working With Your Style Personality 

What style personality fit you? Just this knowledge is so powerful in buying and wearing clothing. 

Once you know your style personality, you have the direction you need to efficiently and effectively explore and experiment with clothes and accessories that offer an outside look to match your inside personality. 

Instead of your selections feeling like foreign objects that make you mentally question yourself and physically readjust yourself, you become assured that you look your best, which allows you to feel your best. 

Forget dressing to impress others. Forget gauging your dressing decisions upon what looks best on someone else. 

When you dress to express, not impress or imitate… creating your signature style becomes easy. This is how you dress to promote who you are as an individual and allow your look to make a positive statement on your behalf. 

Expert Help If You Need It 

Still struggling to define and create your signature look after the quiz? That doesn’t mean you’re odd or fashion-less. It simply means you may need a little expert help to properly identify your personal fashion style. 

Our Certified Image Consultants offer that extra guidance to help you nail it. 

For a free consultation to discuss your image needs with one of our image consultants near you, simply contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you claim your free consultation!



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