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The Magic & Power of Color Analysis

No amount of plastic surgery, or money spent on the most expensive designer makeup, clothes, or hairstyle, will compensate for wearing the wrong colors, applications, or styles.

It is essential to have the right hairstyle and makeup to compliment your face shape and Let Your Beauty Shine. There is no substitute for how you look and feel when you wear the most complimentary colors to suit your personality.  Many studies have proven that when you dress in the right colors, you acquire a unique glow to your skin and a confident mystique.

ByFerial Certified Consultants will be more than happy to synchronize your look and select the correct color palette to Let Your Beauty Shine. We look at all aspects of your unique situation; we will help you overcome any obstacle, whether it is for personal or professional needs. We will point you in the right direction by selecting your best Hue, Value, and Intensity.

Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

For your Personal Color Analysis, don’t hesitate to contact ByFerial Certified Consultant to discuss your options.

ByFerial knows that skills in color analysis mean you have been given the power to create optical illusions with your color system.

Once you have mastered the color analysis system, you can make beauty personally accessible to many people.

Personal color analysis consultants can save their clients thousands of dollars, and expert color analysis is a powerful color system that enables wise wardrobe investment. It unlocks a treasure trove of personal potential for your clients.

Some Color Analysis Tricks that Work

  • Stick to the color direction that compliments your skin tone
  • Knowledge of your colors will smooth and clarify your complexion
  • Position darker colors over body flaws to create a color direction that presents a slimming illusion
  • Discovering your complimenting color means you can instantly look thinner.

ByFerial personal color analysis training guides you every step of the way with these color system course components.

  • The psychology of color analysis theory
  • Universal color analysis for men and women
  • Flow Color Analysis for men and women
  • Face shape analysis for men and women
  • Hands-on color analysis using volunteer models
  • How to conduct one- on- one color analysis consultation
  • How to run a color analysis group session
  • Presenting color analysis workshops and seminar
  • Personal color analysis consultants’ own color analysis

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Color Analysis
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