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The purpose of a professional color analysis is to determine the natural tone of a person, place, or object in order to establish a color palette that communicates clearly, harmoniously, and purposefully. This is both an art and science, and it has been refined over and over again through the years. The result? The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM – ByFERIAL. While image and style consultants have relied on this color system as the secret to creating a powerful and seamless image, many people don’t know that this formula also works for spaces and objects, and across a broad range of creative careers. This means that you now have the tools to make a powerful impact across multiple industries, from interior or graphic design, hair styling, visual art, make-up, event planning, floral, photography, or branding and even marketing. When you learn how to communicate effectively — without ever saying a word — you hold the power of both growth and profit, and more importantly deep connection with others! 


In today’s blog post, we’’ show you how you can use the Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM – ByFERIAL to improve your skills, add more value to your clients, and make more sales! Let’s get into it.


How Does the 4×4 Color System Help My Business?


Whether you need to stage a home or airbnb, design graphics for  brand or marketing material, create a wedding cake, design a set, or simply find the optimal colors for makeup, clothing, accessories or hair, your automobile or garden landscape, what you do with the color matters.  Ultimately, proper color analysis is about much more than harmony. It’s about thoughts and emotions. When you can harness the power of color to impact how people feel, respond, and behave – the sky’s the limit in business! The truth is that color can instantly improve appearance, catalyze mental clarity, inspire thought, improve mental stamina, influence moods, impact confidence, influence actions, stimulate regions of the brain that grasp and digest information, intensify (or inhibit) the capacity to learn and also heal! Yes, it’s true! Objects that absorb and reflect light can create an atmosphere conducive to healing. So, if you own a beauty clinic or event  therapy office you can create an optimal environment for your clients. THINK: How can color help you in your career?


Not All Color Analysis Tools Are The Same!


Sure, there are many tools for free and traditional seasonal color analysis. What sets the 4×4 color system apart? The conventional color systems had some issues/gray areas and the 4X4 color system resolved these issues by using the Munsell color system to ensure completeness in seasonal color analysis. The 4×4 color analysis is focused on extreme detail. The more specific the colors, the more harmonious and perfect your pallet is. For this reason, these detailed categories: purity, tint, tone, and shade help extract the most prominent and unique aspects of a person, place, or object’s color scheme. This can be the difference between a show stopping impression, a large sale, and even a long term relationship. Many free online tools, unfortunately, do not take into consideration the 16 seasons of the 4×4 system, the most up to date and revolutionary color analysis framework available. This means that the underlying and most important aspects of a color scheme end up getting overlooked. When you identify the sub seasons within the 4 seasonal color groups, you break into a very fine color spectrum that is more accurate, and more powerful.


Getting Your Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM Certification


Are you missing out on building your business because you are not satisfied with what you have to offer? Are you ready to learn all about the color concept? Then it’s time to use new, easy, and straightforward mythologies to take the guesswork out of color coding. If you work directly with clients it’s imperative that you learn how to analyze the right color aspects of a person, space, or object. The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM training will help you grow your knowledge and your business by allowing you to simply and accurately color analyze. However, it is in getting a certification that you can set yourself apart from simply using color analysis, to becoming an industry recognized expert! The ByFERIAL Training & Certification follows the AICI educational criteria and guidelines ensuring the highest standard. After your training you are entitled to use the 4×4 logos and have the designation “Certified 4×4 Color Consultant” after your name to differentiate yourself and stand out in your business. This training program is internationally accredited, recognized and approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). With the power of a well recognized certification you are at the forefront of your career and business growth.


Start Growing, Start Selling


Once you have been professionally certified in the 4×4 color system, you will have the skills, credibility, and support network necessary to accelerate your value, service offerings, and impact people on a mass scale. The benefits of certified and accredited training go a long way in a wide range of careers and industries. If you feel that you are at an impasse in your creative work, or you’re simply not getting the results you want from your marketing or branding campaigns, then it’s time to start implementing these powerful color analysis tools and changing your business, and your life!


Take The Next Step!


Want to learn more about getting certified as a Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM color expert? The Level I Universal 4×4 Color System – (16 Seasons) training is conducted  LIVE via zoom online over 6 months. Once a week, for one hour you will be meeting with your trainer to discuss a specific section of the 16 Seasons. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to accelerate your career. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE —>



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