Selling The 4×4 Color System for Growth and Profit

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As an image consultant and color analysis professional, you have a lot to offer. In today’s social-media age, everyone wants to make a good impression. They are obsessed with image, and that’s where your expertise lies – you have a passion for how people and things look! 

What you do goes beyond improving style. You empower clients to be their best selves, confident and full of vitality. Whether decorating a storefront, designing brand marketing materials, or personal style consulting, you know WHAT YOU DO WITH COLOR MATTERS. 

Here’s the truth: Image consulting is in demand across many industries. By understanding and applying the 4×4 Color System, you can improve the appearance of both individuals, businesses and products, and increase your sales opportunities!


The 4×4 Color System (16 Seasons)® Difference

ByFERIAL’s 4×4 Color System (16 Seasons)® draws from the Munsell color system offering a more comprehensive method of color analysis. Including detailed categories like purity, tone, tint and shade unleash an abundance of more accurate, dynamic, and potent options. 

Many color analysis methods don’t consider sub-seasons within the four seasonal color groups, yet using them in your color analysis services will position you as an industry expert. The knowledge you’ll gain from the 4×4 Color System 16 Seasons® course will help you close more deals and expand your client base. 

The 4×4 Color System 16 Seasons® Grows Your Business 

Our reactions to color are deeply rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning, and cultural imprinting. Color affects how memorable something is, guides attention, evokes emotions, and even influences motor function and performance. 

It can define a person’s mood, allowing them to create a specific aura or energy. Mastering the 4×4 Color System gives you a valuable tool for the underlying goal of branding and image creation: shaping perceptions that drive human behavior. 


Color offers a quick and impactful strategy to COMMUNICATE A MESSAGE WITHOUT WORDS. 

Now, imagine you are consulting a brand on its Instagram aesthetic. Or, perhaps you are a personal stylist helping business executives look their best or an interior decorator revamping a client’s living room. The sky’s the limit with the application of our proprietary 4×4 Color System 16 Seasons® course!

With a professional certificate in the 4×4 Color System, you’ll have the skills, credibility, and support network to accelerate your value and service offerings to impress and impact clients on a grander scale. 

Why? You’re not selling a product. Your knowledge instills confidence, elevating spaces and people, and that’s priceless! 

Why the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons® Certification is Right for You

Does your creative work need rejuvenation? Do you feel like your skills have plateaued? Are you simply not getting the results you want? Then it’s time to implement our POWERFUL COLOR ANALYSIS TOOLS TO REVITALIZE YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFE!

The Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons® image consultant and color analysis training combines color psychology, the latest trends, and color design principles to develop a successful understanding of color theory and its applications.

Bolstered by the science of visual and physiological effects – how colors affect humans physically – you’ll be able to accurately choose the right color combinations for a person, space, or object. 

Take the guesswork out of color coding and learn how to use color to evoke the desired emotional response. Wield color intelligently to create harmony and help future clients figure out what colors are best for their clothing, businesses, homes, and products. 


Getting Your Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons® Certification

The ByFERIAL Training & Certification is the ONLY INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED COURSE IN THE WORLD and is recognized and approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). As such, participants receive a high level of training and expert knowledge in the image field. 

We offer the most up-to-date training, structured in a way that allows you to develop, learn, progress, and succeed according to your personal goals. Upon completion, you’ll be a Certified 4×4 Color Consultant and may use the 4×4 logos as part of your business branding to set you apart from your competition. 

If you are energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and organized, the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons® will bolster your credibility and accelerate your career!


Empower Group: A Premier Business Opportunity for Industry Professionals 

Fast-track your business and take your image and color consultant career to the next level with our Empower Group, an exclusive weekly tier-based membership community of highly successful image and color professionals and business experts that will help you build a brand, grow a customer base and create a business that evolves as you do!


Color Your Future With Positive Change!

Don’t miss the chance to become a certified 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons® expert! Our six-month image and color analysis training program is conducted LIVE via Zoom, including a one-hour meeting each week with a trainer to explore various aspects of the 16 seasons. 

Whether you are a stylist, interior designer, artist or anything in between, our training will advance your creative career by equipping you with the information, resources and tools  you need to become the very best at what you do. 

Call +1 954-328-2732 to find out more about how our top-notch, accredited and guaranteed image consultant and color analysis training can help you progress in your career, boost your income and expand your business! 

We’re so confident that you will build a successful business and a life that you love with our proven step-by-step system, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our training!






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