Selecting The Ideal Hat To Flatter Your Face Shape

Selecting The Ideal Hat To Flatter Your Face Shape

It’s been a busy and productive month. We’ve identified your ideal face shape and how it should be your guide for accessorizing above the shoulders, including earrings and hair choices. Let’s take the accessories one step further by looking at how your face can guide your hat selection! 

Face Shape And Hats 101 

Hats come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. They can add a certain pizazz to your looks, and, of course, they’re always a handy accessory tool for those ‘bad hair’ days. How do you select the ideal hats? As we’ve discovered earlier this month, it’s all about your face shape. So, let’s match your face shape with the ideal hat type. 

1) Oval 

Most hats will look fitting against an oval face. For best results, keep hat brims medium to wide and avoid hats that are overly rounded. Look to your shoulders to gauge the ideal hat size… nothing wider than your shoulders. We don’t want to overpower your face and detract attention away from all your beautiful features. 

2) Square 

Stay clear of any hat shape resembling your face, which means nothing boxy. Make sure the crown is large. Irregular brims and floppy hats work well. A narrowed and softened illusion is created by wearing your hat at an angle versus flat atop your head. This pulls from the squareness to elongate the face. 

3) Round 

You’ll want to lengthen the face by selecting a hat with a high crown. Pull the attention upward and add depth to the face with asymmetrical hat features and slanted fronts.

4) Inverted Triangular/Heart 

This is another case where hats with large crowns and big brims work best! The combo narrows the face and broadness of the forehead. Wear your hat at an angle to continue the narrowing impact. Avoid any hat style that’s narrow at the crown. Think newsboy and baseball styles. 

5) Diamond 

Go with a large brim and crown. As always, do make sure that the hat’s brim is no wider than your shoulders. Keep the crown pinched. Try a hat with a sideband, which will help add width to the top half of the face. Think fedora and outback styles over anything with a floppy brim. 

6) Triangular 

The goal is to create more fullness to the top of the head. Go with a high and wide crown with a short brim. This will pull attention away from the jawline. Asymmetric brims are a great finishing touch.  

7) Rectangular 

Avoid harsh angular edges. Large, rounded brims work very well against a rectangular face. The soft edges help round out your face. 

8) Oblong 

Large, upturned brims work great for the Oblong Face! These help create a broadening illusion. No shallow crowns or tall hats. Think cowboy or trapper styles. 

Did You Find Your Ideal Hat? 

Once you know the shape of your face, finding the ideal haircut, earrings, and hat are all just a matter of following the map of your face. Let your unique facial features shine brightly by using all your favorite accessories in a way that complements your most striking features. 



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