Red Carpet Make Up Tips from Professional Image Consultant

When you take a stroll down the red carpet, everything must be perfect. For your ?moment in the sun? your hair, make up,?jewelry, and clothes need to make an impression that will last, standing out even after the paparazzo?s bulbs quit flashing. When all eyes are on you, knowing you?ve achieved your full beauty potential is crucial.?

The first key in honing your personal beauty style is to keep in harmony with your coloring. By choosing colors that flatter and enhance your own natural beauty you can?t help but shine. Make certain your skin is at?it?s?loveliest by exfoliating and hydrating. But don?t overdo the hydration. You want your make up to stay in place for the evening.

To achieve that perfectly luminous glow which shows well on the red carpet, apply foundation over a primer base. Primer holds your foundation in place and keeps you looking fresh all evening. Once you?ve applied your base, go for a well-placed dusting of bronzer for a sun-kissed glow. Use blush in a shade that?s close to your natural blush, but with a bit more depth. Use blush highlight the apples of your cheeks and to contour your face and you?ll be close-up ready.?

You want your eyes to sparkle and stand out. Smokey eyes are very popular and work for most any color and skin tone. Contour and define your lids by using complementary colors, but feel free to dust a pop of color onto your lid for a touch of glamour. Liquid liner is still the best and black will brighten your eyes. If you feel the liner looks too severe, smudge the liner ever-so-slightly.?

Don?t skimp on lashes. Even if you?re blessed with a thick fringe of eyelashes, you can benefit from a few well-placed individual false lashes. Layer mascara, preferably black and glossy, and you?ll outshine any star.?

Lipstick color can be tricky.? Don’t?stray too far from your natural lip color when lining with pencil. Fill in with a shade in the same palette as your natural shade and top with a healthy dose of gloss that both shines and sparkles.?

When choosing make up colors glamorous is the theme of most red carpet events, no matter the time of day.?Stay away from make up in overly bright hues, opting instead?for a classic palette. You want to be memorable for all the right reasons.

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