Professional Techniques for Easy Makeup Application

Many women try unsuccessfully to achieve a simple, natural look when applying makeup. The results are disappointing at best and can be devastating if the makeup application lacks the professional touch. Some feel that makeup must be bold in order to be beautiful and garner attention, but the opposite is true. Makeup lessons from talented, professional makeup artists and stylists can save time, money and frustration. They are willing to share a few tricks for helping anyone achieve a flawless look by learning to use the proper makeup application. Choosing the right makeup that fits your individual lifestyle and skin tone is important in projecting an image of self-confidence and well-being.

Using the Right Tools

Every makeup artist knows the importance of using the right tools. Proper brushes can make a big difference in the final outcome of a makeup application. Quality brushes designed to perform a particular task such brushes for applying foundation; blush, lip color and eyeliner have their own unique purpose and work best for that application. It is easy to learn the proper technique for using each particular brush. Skimping on brush quality is not recommended.

Advance Skin Preparation

There are many quality products dedicated to preparing the skin prior to applying any cosmetics. Moisturizers hydrate the face and protect against damaging sun. It is important to use those that have an SPF 15 or more. Hydrated skin is critical before applying makeup.

Concealing Flaws

Because every skin tone is different, it is important to select a concealer that is a close match. Affected areas such as dark circles under the eyes and spots and blotches should be covered with concealer by using a brush designed specifically for applying it.

Expertly Applying Foundation

Use a foundation brush to apply foundation to build a base. Many women with almost flawless skin can use a lighter foundation. Heavier coverage may require more than one application. Applying translucent power helps set the foundation and prevents any excess shine.

Adding Color

Pale cheeks come alive with a complementary blush color. Apply blush by starting with the apples of the cheeks and brushing up toward the temples. Try using a lighter and darker shade of blush for a more dramatic effect. Apply with a large brush with soft bristles. Blend the colors together with a light, upward brush motion.

The Eyes Have It

Focus on the eyes to make the face come alive. They really are the “windows of the soul.” Begin with the eyebrows and create an attractive arch. Be sure to use a brow color that is at least a shade lighter than the natural hair color, Dark brows can make the eyes appear harsh and dark. Natural shades of eye shadow such as light beige should be applied first across the eyelids by brushing up to the brow bone. Darker natural shades such as gray or taupe should be blended into the eyelid crease. Dark eyeliner adds depth to eyes when applied to the upper eyelid. A fine line of a lighter eyeliner shade may be drawn beneath the lower lashes to make eyes appear larger. Mascara should be applied last for the finishing touch. Lashes appear much thicker and longer when two coats are applied to upper and lower lashes.

Importance of Lip Color

Lips should not be neglected, but should be keep moist at all times. Dry, chapped lips are unattractive. Before applying any lip color, apply a good quality lip balm. Lip liners that complement lipstick colors make lips appear to be fuller. Apply liner thinly on both top and lower lips. Be careful not to smudge at the corners. Light colored lipstick is best for daytime wear, while darker shades add a dramatic look for evenings.

We hope that you enjoyed our Makeup application blog. However we highly recommend that you invest into your future successful look by booking a step-by-step make up lesson with one of our Certified Fashion & Image Consultants. Call us today or email us on [email protected] to secure your spot.



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