Winter Season: Sassy, Bold & Icy (The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons Book 2)


Winters put a lot of thought into every- thing they do. They are natural leaders and love to be placed in leadership positions. They do not take authority lightly and strive to stay in control of every situation and task. They are perfectionists and usually expect perfection from others.

Though Winters are truly people pleasers, they tend to stay more to themselves with- out contacting friends and family members on any type of regular basis. They are often mistaken as uncaring and cool to those who want to get close. Winters seem aloof and distant to others when they may in fact be completely immersed in the conversation. Their tendency to hold a sober facial expres- sion while concentrating on exhilarating con- versations makes them seem unappreciative. Yet to get their point across, Winters tend to be a little dramatic. Taking the time to prac- tice smiling and laughing will make the Winter much more comfortable in social situations.

You will not often find a subject that Win- ters are not versed in. If you do, they will change the subject, stay quiet, or ask ques- tions about it, to give them time to do some research without ever admitting their limited knowledge.

Aside from being natural leaders and re- search buffs, Winters are very organized and like to have everything in its place and lists of what to do each day. They tend to have lists for everything so that nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Winters are leaders, perfectionists and dedicated to knowledge. They are loyal friends and find comfort in order. Leadership comes easily to them as they inspire every- one around them; they get things done. While having a tendency to keep to themselves, they do value their friends and family mem- bers. They would do better to make an effort to contact them on a more regular basis.

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