The Universal Language Of Color Analysis: Image Consultants Training Manual – Part 1 (The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons)


Color analysis is the first step in finding the right clothes to compliment a person’s eyes, skin, and hair coloring. Wearing the right colors gives people a feeling of confidence and overall well being. Color has an effect on everyone and while there are no bad colors, there are colors that combine into better combinations than others.

There are many factors that determine a person’s best looks, but never underestimate what the right colors will do. It is much easier to forgive most fashion mistakes when you are wearing a fabulous color specifically selected from your color swatch.
Once clients receive their color swatch, they must take it shopping with them so that they buy the right color, without guesswork. This will prevent them from running back to the store for an exchange. Going forward, they should always buy garments in colors that will make them look their best. Just like anything else, names of colors are up to the interpretation of manufacturers as well as your own opinion. Our swatches are made with precise colors with the right amount of undertones to enhance a person’s coloring to the maximum. Don’t forget that with the use of tinting, toning and shading even more choices are possible.

Personal color is measured by your own natural coloring and enhanced by your personality. There are 4 Seasons/Groups and many variations within each one. It is quite possible to have exact opposite personal coloring and yet fall into the same Seasons/ Group. It is also possible to have the same coloring as another person and yet be different in Seasons/Groups. You must learn how to use the techniques which pinpoint your clients’ best colors.

When you choose the right colors you will not only enhance your natural beauty, you will also tell others who you are and what you are looking for. When you follow the information provided for you in this manual you will quickly become an expert and be well on your way to making the world a more beautiful place to live.
It is our intention to teach you how to select your Seasons/Group and share with others why certain colors should fill their closet and others should be given to charity. You will also learn techniques that will allow your client to keep some of the outfits which are the worst choices she has ever made and wear them so that they look stunning. No one in your life will ever look drab again.

People will remark at how young, healthy and vibrant you look. You are your first client. You must take your own advice if you want others to listen to you. When you walk into the room your own coloring must tell your clients that you are a role model of confidence; if they listen to you, they will command a room just as you do.

Consider color analysis as a serious business and a definite enhancement to your clients and you can’t go wrong. Attention to detail is what makes and breaks people. Know that your client will be more successful in life because you taught them how to use color to make the right statement. Never see your new profession as whimsical and something to do on weekends. You have the opportunity to build a great and necessary business and achieve financial success.

You are a professional with a service that requires intellect on the technical side and intuition on the creative side. Anyone can pick up a few colors, put them next to their face and see what looks good. Your analysis goes much deeper than that. You will be giving your clients something which they cannot do by themselves. You are helping them to become successful, confident and beautiful. This has a value far greater than what you might charge for your service. Always charge for your services; you provide a valuable service to your clients and you are worth it.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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