The 4×4 Color System

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‘The 4X4 Color System’ is a MUST training for anyone in the fashion, beauty, and interior design industry. Why do you ask? The first thing that everyone will notice about you is what colors you
are wearing. Studies prove this to be a fact and what is even more important is that people immediately make a range of judgments about you following the color you are wearing.

Flattering colors can make you appear healthy, younger, well dressed, and in control, while unflattering colors can make you look sick, older, and unkempt. Color is a big part of your image and personal brand. You need to find out what colors work best for you and always wear them. You will find that others will treat you differently and feel better about yourself. Yes, We can all wear most colors; however, the specific hue, clarity, and undertone make the difference.

The magic and power of Color Analysis and the two cool seasons and the two warm seasons that make the 4×4 Color System. 16 seasons make the 4×4 Color System, and this module covers everything there is to know!