Summer Season: Cuddle, Soft & Subtle (The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons Book 3)


Summers tend to think things through and make well informed decisions. They are tranquil and do not like to be in stressful situ- ations. Summers are not risk takers and will take their time making decisions until all the facts are in for fear of making a wrong choice or causing stress. They would rather make no decision than to cause chaos. They are reluctant to change even when there is solid proof that change is for the better. They will ultimately make the move after all of the pros and cons have been considered.

Being quiet and reserved, they prefer to remain in the background where they will never cause any problems or stressful situa- tions. Their natural tact makes Summers hard to read and it often makes them good leaders and negotiators. They get things accom- plished though it takes a good amount of time while they check out all of the possibilities for getting it right the first time.

Because they are tranquil, other people see them as safe for confiding their innermost secrets. They tend to be good listeners and are very tactful in touchy situations. While they will try to be truthful in the most positive way, they will most likely tell people what
they want to hear rather than a truth that may evoke a stressful situation.

Summers could live forever in a quiet peaceful setting with harmony among their peers and little or no change to disrupt their lives.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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