Spring Season : Delight, Fresh & Bright (The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons Book 5)


Springs go through life with enthusiasm. They are bright, fun and creative. No one is more optimistic than Spring. Even when things don’t go as well as expected, Springs will find a way to make the situation seem better than the original expectation. Many are inspired and motivated by the contagious enthusiasm and the tireless energy they put into everything.

Unpredictable Springs are ready to jump into any fresh and bold idea that comes to them. They are teeming with positive thoughts and expectations but don’t neces- sarily think things through. Undaunted when an idea fades, they are off to the next idea with just as much enthusiasm. Scatterbrained is another perception of Spring as they sometimes lose things like keys or glasses. Springs move from one project to the next very quickly; because of this their intelligence is often underestimated. They study very hard and can retain surprising knowledge on many subjects. They notice little things and are much more detailed in ways that others may miss entirely.

Springs are jokesters and story tellers; they have a great flair for drama and humor. Their stories often have a large sprinkling of both. Small talk comes easily to them and they can skillfully talk to almost anyone. They love people and tend to have many circles of friends rather than one or two close friends. They are fun to be around and others feel comfortable and appreciated in their compa- ny. Springs are optimistic, fun, engaging and unpredictable. They have many friends and are great conversationalists and storytellers. They go after new, bold and worthy ideas with a dauntless spirit, filled with the dreams and opportunities that will open up for them.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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