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Personal Stylist & Image Consultant Online Course

Our ByFERIAL Online Certified Fashion & Image Consultant Course is offered online, in your home and at your convenience! You can either watch our trainings live or download the lessons to view at a later time, so you can take the classes no matter how chaotic your schedule might be.

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The Universal 4 x 4 Color System - (16 Seasons) Training

Do you ever get the feeling that color analysis is so confusing? Are you missing out on building your business because you are not satisfied with what you have to offer? Are you ready to learn all about the color concept, using new easy and straightforward mythologies to take the guesswork out of color coding individuals? This training will help you grow your knowledge and business by simply and accurately analyzing clients. So, come along and join us to learn more about The 4x4 Color Analysis Training.  


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🎉If your dream is to become a ‘4X4 Color Consultant’, earn an Income while making an impact in the lives of others. 👉Sign up today and save $1500!

When you join today you will receive not only our ‘4X4 Certified Color Consultant’ training but we will include the ‘Personal Stylist & Image Consultants’ course valued at $1500 for FREE!

This Special ‘Training Bundle’ includes:

  • Level I – ‘Certified 4X4 Color Consultant’ Training
  • Level II – Certified Personal Stylist & Image Consultant Training

👉Act now as this offer will end March 18, 2022.

The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM

The Image Consultant Course