Line and Design


In this training module, you will learn more about the ‘The Power of Illusions using Line and Design’ to Look Taller and Slimmer.

You can create impressions and illusions with the help of Line and Design. The power is in your hands. Techniques for creating illusions have been used for years by image professionals. They make amazing illusions with makeovers that help people appear taller and/or slimmer.

We tend to lose track and let ourselves go by gaining a pound or two at some point or other. So, how can we create ‘The Power of Illusion’ to accentuate the height, camouflage weight, and create a focal point? We do this by clever use of line and design.

In this session, you will learn all about:
• The External Silhouette and the Inside Design line
• The impact of Vertical lines and Horizontal lines
• The message, Diagonal lines & Round design line convey when wearing them
• The critical knowledge of your Body Scale

When you apply all these points to your or your client’s dress code, you will look good and feel fabulous no matter what size, shape, or age you are.

There is an art to styling that incorporates not only the physical body but the style, fit, proportions, fabric, textures, prints, and patterns of clothing. Learn the magic and power of illusion.