Face Shapes


Welcome to today’s topic on how to use accessories and have the
right hairstyle to complement your face shape and features.

Your beauty will help you choose and synchronize some
radical changes to enhance your appearance by having the right
accessories and hairstyle to complement your face shape; bringing
out your best feature to look healthier and younger.

Slide 2: Agenda
Having the right hairstyle to balance and enhance your face is
achievable by simply understanding your face shape and structure.
A good hairstylist should help you choose a style to complement and
balance your face, not just copy a picture that has a ‘great’ haircut,
that you’ve selected from a magazine.

ByFERIAL Certified consultant will consider your face shape and
your hair attributes. Understanding that you are an individual and reassessing your face shape before deciding on a hairstyle will help complement your face shape and reveal the secrets of your
unique beauty.

Face shape is determined to select the correct hairstyles, hats, eyewear, earrings, necklines, and makeup applications to enhance your beauty style.

Face shapes are an integral part of an Image and Style analysis, so this module covers the various face shapes and correctly identifies each one.