Body Shapes


This training module will recognize the various ‘Body Shapes.’ Looking your best will bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself; therefore, you will carry yourself in poise, grace, and style.

There is no substitute for how you look and feel when you wear the most complimentary styles to suit your body shape. Research and studies have proven that you will portray an impeccable look when you dress in the right style. Once you find out your body shape, you need to learn how to dress to highlight your assets and camouflage any less flattering areas.

Your challenge can be fun and exciting, or it can be somewhat frustrating and confusing, especially if you don’t know your body shape. A person’s vertical and horizontal measurements and proportions are essential in establishing the different body shapes and what type of clothing fits them best to give them a balanced look. So, let’s start.

You know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. But did you know there are specific ways to dress and highlight certain assets of specific body shapes?