Autumn Season: Chic, Gold & deep (The Universal 4X4 Color System – 16 Seasons Book 4)


Autumns are strong, self-motivated peo- ple who have the energy and drive to set
and attain any goal that they desire. They know what to do in leadership roles and often dominate any discussion. Due to their ability to quickly assess any problem or project and apply a solution, Autumns may miss out on important ideas offered by others that could save time and money, or improve on quality.

Planning ahead finds Autumns ready for most situations and certainly ready to find solutions to unforeseen problems much more quickly. Autumns want to know all the facts and are then ready to make quick decisions that they will stick to whether they are right or wrong. They make excellent business exec- utives, professionals and entrepreneurs. To change the direction of an Autumn, you must show them the facts to prove another solu- tion.

High self confidence and a quick mov- ing mind often mean that Autumns are less patient when they are in disagreement with others. They are quick to express opinions even when it may be hurtful. Autumns often do not realize how their words can impact others. Autumns do not always take criticism well and do not mind expressing their views to others.

They are stubborn and at times quite sensitive. They are highly independent, orga- nized and superb in business.

Autumns love outdoor activities and prefer a multitude of physical activities such as spending time in the gym.

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