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In order to grant you the license and establish your academy, there are some requirements that you will need to fulfill. You will have 12 months after your Certified Professional Training to meet these requirements and we are here to help you in the process.

Master Member 

Once Professionals have decided to move up to the Master level, they will need to accomplish the following five requirements in order to get approval and officially become a Master Trainer:   

Requirement 1: Level III Training – Certified Professional Image Consultant Course (3.8 CEUs) 

Upon signing up, Professionals will have an exclusive discount offer for the Level III Training: Certified Professional Image Consultant Course. This is a 5-days extensive training conducted face-to-face. Students will be required to attend and be present in the venue and learn directly from the Master trainer. 

Students will spend 7 hours per day for up to 5 days. After the live modules, students will be invited into a Dining Etiquette and Dress for Success Showcase to embody their learnings from the live modules.       

Requirement 2: Master Level Upgrade 

Upon completion of the Level III Training, Professionals are required to level up their Empower Group membership to Master level within 9 to 12 months after training completion. This will serve as the Professional’s official application for Master. 

Requirement 3: Qualification Interview 

Masters will be assigned an executive committee member or interviewer to qualify him/her and make sure they have a good understanding of the topic matter when working independently. Masters will be required to submit their portfolio and have proof of 104 Empower Group session hours and accumulated 100 working hours with clients/customers. The Portfolio requirements are: 

  • 16 Client Reference Letters 
  • Client Portfolio (minimum of 16 paid clients) 
  • Proof of Client Transaction (Invoice, Check Payment, or Bank Statement) 

Requirement 4: Certified Master Image Coach 

Masters will become eligible to become an official ByFERIAL License Holder. All training modules will be forwarded to him/her and they can conduct the same training in their own training school or institute upon fulfillment of licensing requirements. 

To ensure quality education and training under the ByFERIAL license holder, the licensee will be required to conduct at least 2 training classes in his/her region per year as follows: 

  • 1st Training: Ferial will come and teach the Modules. You will observe, but be prepared to assist with the training.
  • 2nd Training: Ferial will be present and will evaluate your skills as a trainer.

Once the Master has conducted 2 training classes in his/her region, he/she will have the opportunity to facilitate the Certified Professional Image Consultant Course in the ByFERIAL headquarters as an official Master Trainer.  

Requirement 5: Build Your Network 

Masters will need to generate a minimum of sixteen (16) enrollments in the Empower Global Networking Group™ at any level and to actively mentor such Empower Global Networking Group™ members for the next twelve (12) months.  

After all, requirements have been met and signed off on by the Executive Committee, you will be granted the license for $7200USD for one year. 

There are two options for the payment of the fee: 

Option 1 – After meeting Requirements 1-3, pay the $7200. hold the training and the tuition money collected from the students is yours. However, Ferial still must come to train two times and you will be required to pay her travel expenses both times. 

Option 2 – Take up to 12 months to pay the License Fee. Ferial will collect and keep all tuition money and will pay her travel expenses for both training trips out of the tuition money collected. 

Once the license fee of $7200USD is paid in full, training materials and intellectual property will be given. The license must be renewed and the fee paid on an annual basis, contingent on the approval of the ByFerial Executive Committee.  

After reviewing all of this information and getting any questions you might have answered, please us know when you are ready to proceed and we will have the agreement created and sent to you for your signature. We are excited and honored to have you as a part of the ByFERIAL team and look forward to a bright future for all of us!

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