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The right image consultant training can give you a serious dose of badly needed confidence. Whether you?re preparing for a job interview, trying to impress the love of your life or simply lacking in the confidence department, sprucing up your style can do wonders for your self-esteem. That?s because how others think and feel about you depends entirely on how you think and feel about yourself, and this is influenced greatly by how you look. Steal these three great image consultant training tips to give your confidence an extra boost.

1. Dress your age.

If you?re in your 30s or 40s, there?s no longer room for miniskirts and pink baby tees in your closet. Cute and colorful outfits may still be appropriate for those in their 20s, but only when going for a casual stroll during the weekends. The same is true for baseball caps worn backward, t-shirts with garish logos and ill-fitting jeans for men. If you want to showcase your wild child through your clothing, a dash of color, eccentric prints or a funky accessory is enough.

2. Know your body shape.

Dressing for your body shape allows you to highlight your assets and conceal whatever you want to conceal. For instance, skinny jeans are the all the craze these days, but they don?t look particularly good on a large behind. Empire cuts can be elegant and feminine, but if you want to take some attention off your large breasts, you?re better off with waist-defining tops and fitted blazers. Don?t be afraid to give up following the latest trends if they?re not working for you. Image consultant training can help you identify your body shape and dress appropriately.

3. Use makeup to your advantage.

Less is not necessarily more when it comes to makeup. It?s the other way around, too. Makeup can be a powerful transformational tool when used properly, that is when you use makeup to play up your best facial features. If you have a pretty pair of gold-flecked eyes, focus on bringing them out and keep everything else simple. For full, kissable, Angelina-esque pair of lips, wear a lipstick shade that stands out or add some shimmer for a touch of sexiness. Above all, smile and be comfortable with yourself. Studies show that people are more drawn to those who smile because they look more approachable, believable and confident. So smile! It works wonders.

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